Popular culture zoomed in on the lives of hoarders in a few prominent television shows over the past two decades. Just about everyone on earth is familiar with a hoarder’s habits and lifestyle. Even hoarders themselves often experience intense mental pain over the clutter and dangerous environment that takes over their homes, but their attachment to their possessions compel them to leave everything in place anyway. Even in a place with a very high quality of living, like Manhattan Beach, will have its fair share of hoarders.

As a Manhattan Beach hoarder property cleanup service, we’ve seen our fair share of almost insurmountable hoarder cases in this city. The initial assessment of the home and speaking with relatives (and sometimes the hoarder themselves) helps us be uniquely qualified and sensitive to this issue. 

What’s Hoarding?

Hoarding is a behavior that’s inspired by a mental obsession with possessions around the home. Each hoarding case is different and classified on a different level. There are 5 levels of hoarding that we use to pinpoint the depth of the problem we’re dealing with and what kind of tools we’ll need to clear the area and restore it to pre-hoarding levels. Eco Bear believes that hoarding is an obsession that results in the physical manifestation of disarray around someone’s home.

Over time, and left completely unchecked, hoarding becomes much more than clutter, though. Because many of the objects that human beings live with and use on a daily basis have a limited window of safe existence, so what starts out as clutter quickly becomes trash (and then a harmful biohazard). Consider the topic of food, for example. Almost everyone at times has a bag of old fast food leftovers in their fridge or sitting on a counter. They might see it there for a few days and then throw it out. Hoarders are the people who never throw that bag of food out. It might be there 5 years later when we arrive to do our job, and it will have been rotting those entire 5 years. It could be diseased, unsanitary, and create a putrid odor in the home that compromises air quality.

How We Help Hoarders and Their Families

Every hoarder cleanup we do in Manhattan Beach is different. Sometimes we work directly with hoarders who’ve received mental health help for their problems, and they want a clean slate around their homes. On other jobs, we’re working directly with family members who are acting on behalf of a mentally ill hoarder or a hoarder who passed away. These projects are particularly trying for our clients, and they require more than just the right equipment and work mindset. They require sensitive and compassionate skill and human empathy.

No matter how much we empathize with our clients, though, we know that what we’re actually paid to do is institute a cleaning strategy that will leave the hoarder’s home or apartment sanitary and free of clutter once again. Our strategy for cleaning will differ depending on the level of hoarding that the home typifies. For example, a level one hoarder may just have a lot of trash and very few biohazards. A level five hoarding situation might include blood, dead pets, insect infestations, and dangerous blocked doorways in the home. In these cases, we bring on more manpower for the job and ensure that we follow all state and local regulations for biohazard cleanup. Adjusting quickly to new project conditions is one of our strengths.

Our Toolbox

Every hoarder property cleanup requires a particular set of tools to properly get the job done. PPE gear is one of our biggest requirements, as it protects both our workers and anyone else who will need to be on the scene of the cleanup. The cleaning crew clears trash, biohazards, and old clutter meticulously from the home, apartment, or other occupancy, and we do so with great care. If the hoarder themselves is involved in the cleanup, they may be part of the cleaning strategy and list some objects as off limits. We work compassionately with hoarders as they go through this difficult time and do our best to make sure that we’re able to do our job and restore their home to sanitary levels.

Hoarder property cleanup entails a lot of different things. For example, sometimes we must do a lot of heavy lifting. Unsanitary or soiled pieces of furniture must be removed from the property. In this case, we just need the right amount of manpower. Other times, we need biohazard storage bins and bags to make sure that potentially diseased or infectious biohazards are disposed of properly. Eco Bear has many years of experience in this area, and we make sure all of our crew gets continuing training in every area of biohazard cleanup, so you can count on us to safely remove anything from the hoarder’s property, no matter how big or small.

Eco Bear in Manhattan Beach

Eco Bear works in the Manhattan Beach area because we know that people here need our services. Our co-founder was deeply impacted by an early childhood event that left him with a keen sense of responsibility toward the community. He realizes that the toughest jobs to do are always the most important jobs to do correctly. Crimes, hoarding, and homeless encampments are realities in our modern world. We wish it weren’t so, but it is. Eco Bear’s co-founders know that in order to keep our world beautiful and safe, we need fairly priced biohazard cleanup services in Manhattan Beach. Let us help you successfully get a tough job done. Call or write to us if you need hoarder property cleanup services in Manhattan Beach.