Homeless encampments in Manhattan Beach are in stark contrast to the rest of the city. Known for being California’s most prominent, wealthiest area, Manhattan Beach still has a formidable homeless population. It’s a sad fact of life in nearly every American city, even the wealthiest ones. At Eco Bear, we’ve personally executed homeless encampment cleanups that restore Manhattan Beach to its original reputation: that of a clean, bustling city full of thriving people.

However much we all wish that homelessness wasn’t a part of everyday life in the cities, few people can deny that “tent cities” have become a norm in many southern California areas. Some of the encampments are distantly related to the housing crisis of 2008, a time when far too many people in every city in America lost their home and had to survive on the streets. Some of those people struggled their way out; others who had more challenges, such as mental illness or physical disability, stayed stuck in homelessness. Encampments soon followed.

What Is at a Homeless Encampment?

Given the prosperity of Manhattan Beach, it’s not unusual that the average citizen sees a homeless encampment as a distant plant, an alien location that doesn’t make sense to them. However, if you know people, you understand what a homeless encampment might look like. It’s all the things that people amass over the years, just without the roof and storage areas of a typical home. People still amass trash, pets, food, food containers, medicines, clothing, alcohol bottles, and sometimes syringes (both for medical conditions or for substance use).

People in a homeless encampment might not live in the most sanitary of conditions, but they still have a daily life, and they still communicate with other people and discuss things. For mentally ill citizens of these encampments, they might not even be directly aware of the dangerous conditions they live in. After all, once you become accustomed to toxic living conditions and odors, they don’t seem readily apparent anymore. They fade into something that seems normal. To homeless people, these encampments are a tragic version of home. To the city of Manhattan Beach, they are precarious locations full of unsafe obstacles and biohazards.

Eco Bear’s Professional Homeless Encampment Cleanup

For every problem (or question), there’s an answer (or solution). Eco Bear is your solution to the problem of homeless encampments. We do work for governments, private businesses, and even private citizens who have had property destroyed and contaminated with inhumane homeless encampments. Maybe the problem starts off as a small one (a single homeless person or two living in an area) and then balloons to an uncontrollable one (100 or more homeless people living across an acre of land). Whatever your need, we have the answer.

How We Work

Our philosophy is that every cleanup we do has a human element involved. Biohazard cleanup services don’t just clean up human messes; we make a very ugly situation beautiful again. We’re as much interior decorators and landscapers as we are “homeless encampment cleanup” services. The sites we work at are often haunted by human misery and tragedy, but our job isn’t just to clean up. After we’re done cleaning, we also work to restore the area to something even more beautiful than it was before. First we clean, and then we restore. It’s a job we’re proud to do.

Our process for homeless encampment cleanup is tried and true and begins with an assessment of the depth of the encampments biohazards and cleanup needs. For example, some of the encampments we work on have been contaminated by many biohazards (such as dead animals, insects, and even human fecees). Other encampments are a lighter level of contamination and may be limited to just a lot of trash and clothes. Our initial assessment directs how we plan the cleanup.

It’s our feeling that with a good plan, we have a good outcome. Our team takes the time to talk to the people who hire us. We get your input and your side of the story, get to know what you want from us and your ideal outcome, and then we use our professional knowledge to bring that vision to life. Good planning is nothing without execution, though.

Our Hard Working Team

Our team is always protected by industrial grade PPE gear. They get every single piece of protective gear that’s necessary to do the job. Homeless encampments are often scarily dangerous. They have a high potential to include materials that are crawling with infectious diseases and other dangerous contaminants. All of our workers are protected by the best gear out there. When our workers go into a job knowing they’re safe, they’re able to do what they do best: get that encampment clean.

Many of our workers on the sidelines communicate with the homeless citizens themselves and make sure that they’re informed of the cleanup and have resources to use when they re-locate. Above all, we remain compassionate and understanding of the people who have lived in these encampments. We never judge. We are never cruel or heartless. Instead, we try to help them, too, and trust that they will cooperate when the cleanup begins.

Contact Eco Bear

Homelessness is a rare – but real – part of life in Manhattan Beach. Business, government agencies, and private citizens all want to do their part to keep everyone in the city safe. Homeless encampments may serve a practical purpose, but they are immensely dangerous to the people who live in them and others around the encampment. We want to clean up Manhattan Beach and keep it beautiful and sanitary for everyone. Call today to learn how Eco Bear can help you.