When you or your loved one experiences a violent crime, you’ll have a lot to do in the subsequent days. Once a violent crime is reported to the Marina Del Ray, CA, police, an investigation begins. Forensics experts and law enforcement may spend a few hours to a few days looking for evidence, investigating and collecting information. Once they’re done at the scene of the crime, they turn it over to you. Law enforcement isn’t responsible for cleaning the scene of a violent crime. Whether you were injured or your family member was injured or killed in a violent crime, you shouldn’t have to deal with the cleanup yourself. Eco Bear is an experienced crime scene cleanup company offering thorough, affordable and reliable services in Marina Del Ray.

What Is Left Behind After a Violent Crime

A violent crime is one that involves force or implies the use of force. According to the FBI, violent crimes include robbery, rape, aggravated assault, non-negligent manslaughter and homicide. When force is used on a victim, they may bleed. They may lose body fluids or tissue. The blood, body fluids and tissue may be spread across many surfaces and areas. In some cases, the blood or body fluids of the perpetrator are also left behind at the crime scene. Even if you know you or your loved one are not infected with infectious bacteria or viruses, there’s no way for you to know which blood or body fluids are from the victim and which are from the perpetrator. The perpetrator’s health status is unknown to you, and attempting to clean a crime scene yourself could lead to an infection with hepatitis B or C, HIV, tuberculosis, MRSA or another disease.

The emotional aspect of the crime scene shouldn’t be overlooked. You shouldn’t have to see what’s left behind if your loved one was seriously injured or even murdered in a violent crime in Marina Del Ray. Seeing the aftermath could worsen the trauma you’re already experiencing. That’s why turning to Eco Bear is a smart choice. We handle the cleanup for you so that you can focus on healing, recovery and mourning.

What a Crime Scene Is

A crime scene is the area where the violent crime took place. Eco Bear offers residential, industrial and commercial crime scene cleanup in Marina Del Ray. We clean the scenes of violent crimes that occurred in private homes, duplexes, condos, multi-unit apartment buildings, retail and office space, warehouses, factories and more. 

A crime scene may be in one room, such as a break room or kitchen. A lot of the time, crime scenes span several rooms. An entire home or building could be the crime scene. On occasion, crime scenes are entirely outdoors on private property. The crime scene could also include both indoor and outdoor areas, such as a front porch or driveway and several rooms of a home.

Who Eco Bear Helps

We help any private property owner who owns a home, building or business where a violent crime occurred. Some of the people we help include:

  • Property managers
  • Business owners
  • Landlords
  • Hotel management
  • Private homeowners

We understand that you want a rapid resolution to the situation. Our fast response time and thorough work mean that you’ll soon have full access to the property, and there won’t be any signs that a violent crime took place there.

Why Professional Crime Scene Cleanup From Eco Bear Is a Wise Choice

Cleaning a crime scene requires specific cleaning agents, skills and training. Most people don’t have the necessary training to stay safe when cleaning the scene of a crime. When a violent crime occurs, much more blood, body fluids and tissue are present than what happens if you accidentally cut yourself when preparing food in the kitchen. 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical to safe cleaning of crime scenes in Marina Del Ray. Our skilled cleaners wear full PPE when cleaning the scene of a violent crime. This PPE includes goggles, face masks, face shields, aprons or suits, boots or shoe covers and gloves.

We use hospital-grade disinfectants to clean crime scenes. When we remove contaminated items, we dispose of them in accordance with California’s public health requirements for biological and medical waste. We know where to look for tiny blood droplets, and no blood or fluid will be left when we’re finished cleaning a crime scene in Marina Del Ray.

How Our Crime Scene Cleaning Services in Marina Del Ray Work

Once law enforcement turns the crime scene over to your control, contact us. We’ll arrive as soon as possible. We begin with a site assessment. This allows us to determine the extent of the crime scene and what supplies, tools and equipment we’ll need for full remediation. 

We get started quickly. The sooner the blood, body fluids and tissue are removed from a crime scene, the less material needs to be removed. If the victim of a homicide wasn’t discovered for a while, fluids may have spread and seeped into the sub-structure of the home. We’re prepared to fully clean these crime scenes, too. Our multi-step process includes cleaning, removal of contaminated items, disinfection and total remediation. Our processes remove stains and odors from the crime scene.

Benefits of Professional Crime Scene Cleaning in Marina Del Ray

We understand this is one of the most difficult times in your life. We treat you and your family with compassion and respect during every interaction. Our skilled cleaners have high attention to detail, and no area will be missed. We complete crime scene cleanups in one to a few days, allowing you to move on with your life.