Marina Del Rey is a seaside community in Los Angeles County. It is home to about 9,000 residents. Marina is approximately 800 acres, but half of it is occupied with water. In terms of tourism, Marina is the ideal tourist destination. It is an area filled with fun, especially water activities. 

If you are a foodie, you will enjoy the delicacies that Marina has to offer. You will not only enjoy the tasty meals but the scenery within the restaurants. Most of the restaurants have an outdoor set-up adjacent to waterfront views to accentuate the delicious meals.

As you plan for your staycation, make Marina your destination of choice. Its strategic coastal location makes it a perfect getaway.

Hoarding in Marina Del Rey

Just like the rest of America, Marina is faced with societal issues like hoarding. This upsurge in hoarding has led to the establishment of several psychotherapists in the area. One of their significant specialties is to assist residents with the condition of hoarding.

Do you have trouble throwing some of your valueless things away? You could be a hoarder. According to the American Psychiatric Association, hoarding is a mental condition where the victim finds it difficult to part with items that others may see as worthless. Hoarders have difficulty parting with their possessions that end up cluttering where they live. This makes it difficult to sit or move around. 

Why do hoarders hold on to some items?

According to Mayo Clinic, hoarders find it difficult throwing away their possessions because of the following reasons:

  • Emotional attachment to the possessions
  • They believe they will need the possessions in the future
  • By throwing away the items, they see themselves as wasteful
  • Those items give them a sense of security when around them

Levels of Hoarding

Hoarding differs in severity. The Institute for Challenging Disorganization established a clutter hoarding scale to determine the extent of seriousness. These levels are essential in determining the extent to which hoarding is affecting you.

Level 1

It is the least severe. It is characterized with small amounts of clutter. There is no noticeable odor. The doors and stairs of the hoarder’s living place are accessible. No professional assistance is required at this level, but it is vital to monitor the situation to avoid deteriorating. 

Level 2

All the signs of level 1 are exhibited at this level. Additionally, a home with a blocked exit or a malfunctioning home appliance is susceptible to this level of hoarding. Other signs include light pet waste on the floor, rodents’ presence, and overflowing trash bins. People with level 2 hoarding find it difficult to invite guests into their homes. They withdraw from society.

Level 3

Residents with hoarding level 3 have clutter visible from the outside. This clutter may include indoor items such as microwaves, TVs, and refrigerators. At this level, there are visible rodents and insects in the residence. Odor is experienced throughout the house. There is excessive dust and small amounts of biohazard waste are present at the place. 

For cleanup, engage professional cleaners like Eco Bear at this level. Why so? It is because, with the presence of biohazard waste, remediation is necessary. Professional cleaners should perform this process as they have the relevant training and equipment.

Level 4

Persons at this level may not bathe for weeks. Their mental condition is worsening. Their state of mind is clogged with hallucinations and nostalgic memories. Medical assistance is critical at this stage.

By the time residences are reaching this level, there is structural damage to the building. Also, there is sewage build-up, and you can notice mold growing throughout the building. Aging animal waste is visible. The number of pets exceeds the stipulated number by regulations.

To make this residence habitable, you need to engage the services of professional cleaners. 

Level 5

It is the most severe hoarding disorder. Individuals at this level have signs of severe depression. Medical and family support is vital to hasten the healing process of the patient.

Residences at this level have structural damage, broken walls, and lack electricity or water. There are visible traces of human waste. Several rodents and non-pet animals are present. You can see clutter filling up the bathroom and kitchen. Faulty electrical cables are also present. Rotting food is expected since the refrigerator is no longer working. 

At this level, the residence is inhabitable. Individuals at this stage either live with their relatives or friends. To make the residence into a usable state, you need professional cleaners with specific hoarder property cleanup skills.

Why You Need Professionals for Hoarder Property Cleanup

However, seemingly innocuous, cleanup of hoarder property is potentially dangerous. With the inherent risk of biohazard waste such as human wastes, sharp materials, and animal wastes, there is the risk of infection if the substances are contaminated. Do not risk your health. Let professionals do the cleanup for you.

Choose Eco Bear

If you are a resident of Marina Del Rey and in search of hoarder cleanup services, look no further than Eco Bear. At Eco Bear we understand the delicate nature of hoarding. We work in hand with the family of the hoarder to make the cleanup as discrete as possible. 

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