We all want the world to be an orderly, safe, and clean place to be. Marina Del Ray residents are no exception to this very human wish. This seaside community is 807 acres of natural beauty and warmth. Marina Del Rey boasts a sprawling community that includes 600 condos, 1,103 hotel rooms, and 4,602 boat slips. Unfortunately. Marina Del Ray also has a sizable homeless population, and their view of the seaside is a little different than the rest of the community’s. 

The professionals at Eco Bear have served the Marina Del Rey industry for some time now. Our original mission was to provide biohazard cleanup services for a variety of social ills and to do so at a fair price. Because of the complex nature of biohazard cleanup, traditional companies tend to overcharge. Our co-founders take a different approach, though. With efficient and well-planned projects and newfound cleanup measures and processes, we bring a passion for the job that few companies in the United States can match. We keep efficiency and fair pricing at the heart of our business.

The Problem of Homelessness in Marina Del Ray

Homelessness has been a social ill since the invention of homes. At its roots, homelessness is one of the most tragic and frightening of all human conditions. There are as many causes for homelessness as there are homeless encampments (a woefully large number). Mental illness, unemployment, lack of family support, and sometimes simple bad timing and luck all pave the way for homeless encampments in this area.

The human animal has always been a very social creature. People tend to find safety, strength, and hope in numbers. Just like people in suburbs form social alliances and congregate together for fun or human companionship, homeless people also form their own communities in one central area. The “tent city” is a very tragic counterpart to the suburb. These are places where homeless people try to mimic the comforts of home as best as they can, often with very unsafe and unsanitary results.

The Anatomy of the Homeless Encampment

Homeless encampments sometimes include just a few homeless people, but they often grow to 100 or more human beings trying to survive together in one place. Each member of that community brings their possessions. They eat in the encampment and leave trash behind. They sometimes have substance abuse problems and leave liquor bottles and syringes all around them. Clothing, pets, food items, shopping carts, and cans and bottles are the most common things you’ll find at a homeless encampment.

Because of the lack of garbage bins or storage products to store anything in, these objects are out in the open, almost like a sprawling dumping site that human beings live in and around. Human sweat, saliva, and blood sometimes get on the objects at these sites and create a dangerous cocktail of human biohazards. As much as we wish that no human beings had to ever live like this in a beautiful area like Marina Del Rey, it’s a reality we must confront head on.

Eco Bear’s Homeless Encampment Cleanup

Our process for cleaning up homeless camps in the area has become well-known. The reputation we enjoy here is something that we cherish. At the heart of every biohazard cleanup service is the fervent wish that our cleanups will make the world a better and safer place for everyone to be. Homeless people are often the victim of circumstances beyond their control. The conditions they live in at encampments are wholeheartedly unsafe for everyone: both them and the people of the community. Whenever possible, we strive to help encampment members relocate to safer and greener pastures.

The physical cleanup itself is something we take great pride in. Our crew is assigned to an encampment and immediately gets to work executing our tried and true process:

  • Trash removal
  • Biohazard removal
  • Decontamination 
  • Sanitation
  • Organization
  • Restoration

Those buzzwords help you get an idea of what we do, but they could never capture the human element of our work. We deal with people from the encampments and do our best to make their relocation as painless and humane as possible. We never talk down to or belittle anyone who finds themselves living in an encampment, and we do our best to make sure they understand the reasons for the cleanup. Marina Del Ray citizens are also a big part of our lives, and we enjoy working with the community business owners, leaders, and private citizens who rely on us for cleanup.

The professionalism and passion of people who work at Eco Bear is designed to give people hope. Biohazard sites like homeless encampments are rarely a scene of hope until we arrive to do our job. It’s our pleasure to serve this community and ensure that everyone in it is safe.

Learn More About Eco Bear

To keep our prices fair, we maintain meticulously efficient services and strategies that get the job done without wasting your time or money. As a result, we have services priced in the neighborhood of 50% lower than our competitors. While we respect their work, too, we also believe that we can do just as good a job and for less money. If you’d like to learn more about how to schedule a homeless encampment cleanup in Marina Del Rey, please reach out to us when it’s convenient for you. Our team will be happy to help.