Monterey Park is home to just over 60,000 people. Monterey Park routinely is ranked as one of the best communities to live in the United States. The city garners this accolade because of its:

  • Growing economy
  • Prime location
  • Excellent schools

Occasionally, the placid life people have come to expect in Monterey Park is interrupted when an unattended death is discovered in the community. This represents a sad turn of events, magnified by the fact that a person died truly alone

The Night Stalker and Monterey Park

Over 30 years ago, people in Monterey Park were focused on a mass murder known as the Night Stalker, who had killed people in the city and in other places in the Los Angeles area. When it comes to deaths in Monterey Park, there hasn’t been anything that caused as much consternation among people in the community since the days of the Night Stalker. Ultimately, Richard Ramirez was arrested and convicted as being the murderer.

With the days of the Night Stalker thankfully behind the residents of Monterey Park, there have still been deaths in the community that has been unsettling. Some of the more troubling deaths that have occurred in the city are those that are classified as unattended deaths.

What Is an Unattended Death?

A common mistake made about the term unattended death is that it means a person passes away without a doctor on hand. While this is true, it is only part of the definition. At the heart of an unattended death is a person dying alone and the body is not discovered for a period of time. Indeed, in the case of an unattended death, the remains might not be discovered for days, weeks, or even months.

An unattended death is exemplified by a woman who lived alone, died in her home, and whose death wasn’t discovered for six months. The woman had no close friends who checked up on her. She didn’t have family that maintained regular contact with her. She did have fleeting conversations with neighbors if she happened to be in her yard when they walked by.

When her body was discovered, the last days of her life were pieced together in two ways. First, the coroner did a forensic examination and autopsy to attempt to determine the cause of death. Second, she maintained a diary and was religious about keeping it on a daily basis. This proved to be a useful tool in determining the date of her death.

The Aftermath of Unattended Death and Unattended Death Cleanup

The discovery and aftermath of an unattended death is a challenging and even traumatic experience. One aspect that must be considered in this regard is unattended death cleanup.

The human decomposition process occurs at what fairly can be considered a fast pace. Because an unattended death is by definition not immediately discovered, the cleanup process involves what technically is known as biohazard cleanup or biohazard remediation.

Because of the decomposition process, dangerous and even potentially deadly pathogens will be present at the scene. This includes bloodborne pathogens as well as those that may be present in the air due to the release of hazardous gases.

The stark reality of the human decomposition process underscores the need for professional biohazard cleanup following an unattended death. An unattended death cleanup specialist has the experience, tools, equipment, and chemicals or supplies necessary to thoroughly and safely address a biohazard cleanup.

Grief Counseling and Unattended Deaths

Facing an unattended death of a loved one, or even a person who had minimal contact with can prove to be a truly traumatic experience. The grief and bereavement process can prove to be highly challenging, necessitating professional support. There are counselors and therapists in Monterey Park that can provide invaluable assistance in this type of situation. These include:

David Marquez
119 South Atlantic Boulevard, Suite 209
Monterey Park, California
(626) 300-9046

Cynthia Cohn Sandler
2322 South Garfield Avenue
Monterey Park, California
(323) 722-5300

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