Like many hard-hit California communities, the city of Mountain View has made a heroic effort to help its citizens persist against the ongoing public health crisis related to COVID-19. The city has kept its citizens up to date by posting a plethora of COVID-19 relief resources. They’ve played a vital role in the community’s effort to contain this disease. 

At the same time, Eco Bear has been working closely with community members. Our team of infectious disease remediation experts have been making major strides in the race against the coronavirus. We’ve been able to implement successful cleaning and disinfection services in local businesses, rental properties, and homes. By doing so, we’ve enabled residents to resume their lives with little to no interruption.

Our comprehensive coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services are implemented by skilled remediation technicians. Our team of experts have the tools and know-how that is crucial when it comes to handling highly contagious pathogens.

Can We Stop the Spread of an Infectious Disease?

We may not be able to stop the global spread of the coronavirus, but we’re already seeing the lasting and positive impact we’ve made on communities throughout Southern California. 

Eco Bear’s coronavirus cleaning and disinfection team use EPA-approved disinfectants to successfully eradicate pathogens from a variety of properties.

What Eco Bear’s Infectious Disease Remediation Team Does

Eco Bear’s infectious disease remediation team helps residents and business owners eradicate coronavirus pathogens in a timely and effective manner. 

COVID-19 is just one disease caused by the coronavirus. SARS and MERS are two infectious diseases that are closely related to the coronavirus. Each year, thousands of people fall ill with these and other diseases. Our experiences dealing with these diseases and other challenging circumstances have led us to become the reliable and compassionate remediators we are today.

Fair, Transparent Pricing for All Infectious Disease Remediation Services

We currently serve people across all sectors. We help businesses, churches, schools, property owners, landlords, and so many more. 

Call (818) 358-4359 anytime to discuss our coronavirus cleanup services. We’re happy to answer questions and provide a comprehensive estimate. At Eco Bear, we are committed to fair, transparent pricing. Our commitment to our customers is unbreakable!

When you hire us to complete a coronavirus cleaning job, we want to make sure that you are fully satisfied with our work. 

As part of our commitment to the Mountain View Community, we’re happy to offer rates that are substantially lower than our competitor’s. How much lower, you ask? Well, we find that our rates are nearly half that of other Mountain View biohazard cleanup companies.