A “crime scene” in Murrieta, CA, is any place, whether it’s inside a home or business or within exterior spaces, where some type of crime has occurred. When the initial activities that normally take place at a crime scene are over, the final step is cleaning everything left behind and restoring the location. Make this task less stressful and risky by turning to the experienced cleaning professionals at Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company. We are pleased to offer affordable and comprehensive crime scene cleaning services in Murrieta and nearby areas.

Aren’t Crime Scenes Cleaned up by Authorities in Murrieta, CA?

You may have this assumption based on what you might have heard or seen on television. However, the reality is this normally isn’t the case. Police and crime scene investigators typically focus on collecting evidence and documenting what’s present. But once the scene of a crime is officially released or cleared, it’s often the family or business owners who are responsible for cleaning up anything that’s left behind. Fortunately, this isn’t something you have to handle yourself. Once a crime scene has been officially cleared, you’re welcome to turn to a trusted biohazard cleanup company like Eco Bear for safe, professional crime scene cleanup in Murrieta, CA.

Why Is Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Important and Beneficial?

A crime scene is often a place where a violent incident happens, or one that involves a homicide. Attempting this type of cleaning yourself can bring back a flood of emotions. Ir can also be more traumatic and mentally stressful than you may have anticipated. Also, if you’re a business owner in the Murrieta area, not doing crime scene cleanup correctly could leave you open to legal liability issues if you unintentionally leave biohazards behind.

Speaking of biological hazards, or biohazards, another reason to turn to Eco Bear for this type of cleaning is biohazard containment and mitigation. A crime scene, by nature, has many possible biohazardous materials. Some of the most common ones include: 

  • Blood from the victim(s) and other contributors
  • Urine and other bodily fluids
  • Body tissues
  • Decomposition-related biohazards if the body wasn’t found right away

How Are Biohazards Removed From a Crime Scene in Murrieta, Ca?

Biohazard cleanup is what we specialize in at Eco Bear. The first step we take with biohazard cleanup at a crime scene is to come prepared with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). The type of PPE our trained technicians normally wear within a crime scene includes masks and/or respirators, gloves, goggles, and proper outer clothing. Biohazards are identified and collected in biohazard bags. And if there are larger items that are contaminated, biohazard bins will be used to collect and properly dispose of them.

What Can You Expect When Eco Bear Cleans up a Crime Scene?

The crime scene cleanup professionals at Eco Bear break down the process of cleaning and restoring a crime scene into four steps. These are: 

  • Physical and biohazard cleaning
  • Sanitization
  • Odor removal
  • Restoration

Physical and Biohazard Cleaning

After an initial assessment of the crime scene is done, our cleaning professionals will do both physical and biohazard cleanup. This part of the process typically involves removing contaminated items from the crime scene and determining what can be cleaned and salvaged. Any biohazardous materials are removed and disposed of as described above.


Biohazards at a crime scene in Murrieta, CA, have the potential to leave behind bloodborne pathogens. These are microscopic components in blood that can contribute to various diseases and/or illnesses. Our cleaning technicians mitigate the many risks associated with the exposure to pathogens by using medical grade sanitization chemicals.

Odor Removal

A crime scene in Murrieta, CA, may have foul odors that linger after the initial cleanup is done. This can happen if, for instance, a body wasn’t immediately discovered, or if it took a while for the crime scene to be released. Eco Bear’s cleaning professionals use powerful commercial deodorization agents to thoroughly remove any crime scene odors that may be present.


The final step taken with crime scene cleanup is to ensure that the site is fully restored. Our cleaning team does this by taking any other steps that may be necessary to complete the cleanup and restoration process.

Budget-Friendly Murrieta, CA, Crime Scene Cleanup

At Eco Bear, we understand the importance of getting the job done right. At the same time, we realize it’s just as important to keep rates reasonable. With crime scene cleanup in Murrieta, CA, we typically charge per hour, per technician. Additional reasonable fees are charged if any biohazard bins are needed. Regardless of the extent of your crime scene, you can expert reasonable, upfront rates from Eco Bear.

Why Trust Eco Bear for Crime Scene Cleanup

Woman-owned, Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is a trusted and respected biohazard cleanup company that’s also veteran-led. Choosing Eco Bear for crime scene cleanup also means you can expect: 

  • Rates about half of what our competitors charge for similar services
  • Technicians who are well-trained and respectful
  • Proper and safe biohazard cleanup and mitigation

Give Our Cleanup Pros in Murrieta, CA a Call Today

It’s safe to assume nobody expects to have a crime scene that needs to be properly cleaned and restored. However, should you find yourself with a need to complete this task, Eco Bear is here to help. We’ll give you an honest, accurate quote based on the nature of the affected site before any work is done. Our goal with any cleaning job we undertake is to leave the affected area like it was before anything happened.

Contact us today to schedule a crime scene cleanup in Murrieta, CA. We’ll get you started with an honest, accurate quote.