When you’re looking into biohazard clean up in Muscoy, California, you’re not looking for your average everyday cleaning company. You’re looking for a company that handles a specialized type of cleaning that requires special tools, special cleaners, and specialized cleaning processes. Biohazardous cleanup isn’t just about making a place look nice and smell good. It’s about getting rid of biohazardous waste and materials that can cause serious illnesses in humans.

What Exactly Is Bio-Hazardous Waste?

Biohazardous waste is waste that’s filled with pathogens. Pathogens are microorganisms that cause diseases in humans. You may have heard of recalls of certain foods because bacterial contamination. Those bacteria are pathogens and include salmonella, E coli, and other well-known bacterias found in food. Common viral pathogens include HPV and HIV. Pathogens can’t simply be washed away with soap and water. They need to be combated with special chemicals and solutions that will eliminate them and will also disinfect the area so that everything is safe for use.

What Types of Places Require Biohazardous Waste Cleaning?

There are many many many different circumstances where biohazardous cleaning will be necessary. Just a few of those are listed below.

Meth Lab

You’ve no doubt seen television shows or documentaries that highlight the dangers of meth labs. Meth is a more dangerous drug than many people realize. It’s obviously dangerous to take the drug, but it’s even dangerous to simply be exposed to the drug. Meth particles in the air can damage the lungs of anyone who walks into the room. People who prepare drugs in meth labs are not exactly scientists, so they’re not really concerned about the air quality around them. 

If your average cleaner, inexperienced in removing biohazards and toxins, was to go into the meth lab to clean it up without the proper protections and without understanding the dangers, they could be exposed to meth particles in the air. 

Meth, made up of chemicals like phosphine, pseudoephedrine, and acetone, is extremely toxic to breathe in, even unintentionally. Simple exposure to the drug can cause headaches, dizziness, and severe respiratory illness. The EPA has guidelines for cleaning up meth labs properly. 

Hoarder Houses

If you’ve seen shows like Hoarders, you know how intense hoarder houses can be. Hoarder houses are houses that are filled to the brim with junk and waste due to the habit of one of the home’s inhabitants (the hoarder). A hoarder is someone who has the inability to get rid of anything or throw anything away. They keep every single item that they find or receive, bring it into their home, and create piles of junk and garbage that ultimately lead to the house becoming uninhabitable. A hoarder house requires special, biohazardous cleaning because a hoarder house is literally a petri dish of biohazards. It’s filled with garbage, human waste, animal waste, animal carcasses, and anything else you could find in the home. In order to get rid of the biohazards in the home, you’re going to need special teams that know how to do so safely.

Crime Scenes

A crime scene is another type of scene that requires biohazardous cleanup. Crime scenes are usually violent, leaving behind elements like blood, bodily tissue, bodily fluids, and any other number of bio-hazardous waste. These sites must be cleaned properly because bloodborne pathogens are responsible for many different illnesses. In order for the crime sites to become habitable again, it’s absolutely crucial that the home is cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized properly. Failure to do so could lead to people occupying the space in the future becoming contaminated.

Unattended Deaths

An unattended death is one where someone dies alone. This could mean an elderly person who lived alone and who passed away. It could mean someone who died because they got trapped somewhere, and their body took a while to find. Whatever the circumstances, unattended deaths could create a perfect situation for biohazards. If a body has been left alone for too long, decomp sets in. The decomp is already a biohazard, but it also attracts vermins and pests, creating additional biohazardous risks. Once the body has been removed, a team will need to come in and completely clean and decontaminate the area so that it’s safe for human use.


Suicides are another situation where a biohazardous team should come in and clean the space. Suicides are either violent or non-violent, but a biohazard risk remains in both situations. When a suicide is violent, the same type of cleaning will be done that’s done during crime scene cleaning. When is suicide is non-violent, special cleaning still needs to be done because a team needs to ensure that there was no biohazard risk with the body. Also, suicides sometimes take a while to discover. The same cleaning protocol that goes into cleaning up an unattended death scene will apply in this case.

Homeless Encampments

Homeless encampments are sprouting up throughout the country. Unfortunately, these encampments are extraordinarily unsanitary, posing risks not only for the encampment residents but also the community at large. All types of biohazardous waste exist at homeless encampments, including human waste, animal waste, blood, drug paraphernalia, and many other types. Special biohazard teams need to go in and ensure that the areas are cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized so that they can be enjoyed by the public again.

Give us a call if you have any questions about working with a biohazard company in Muscoy, California. Doing the cleaning right the first time helps ensure that you’re preventing the spread of disease in the future while making spaces safe for everyone to inhabit. 

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