Since late March 2019, National City, California’s city website’s usual display of colorful community images has have been complemented by a strange green banner. It is here that community members can find the latest information related to COVID-19. As one of the most popular communities in the South Bay Region of San Diego metropolitan county,

During this time, Eco Bear has worked alongside National City business owners and residents. We’ve offered our full-coverage biohazard remediation surfaces to anyone encountering a coronavirus contamination. 

A Look at the Eco Bear National City COVID-19 Cleaning Company

The Eco Bear COVID-19 cleaning company operates with the highest level of integrity, efficiency, and competence. All of our expert technicians are fully bonded and insured. Not to mention, they’re equipped to address all of the dangers associated with a COVID-19 contamination. The company’s high standards are held in place by its husband and wide leadership team. 

COVID-19 Disinfection During COVID-19 

How can Eco Bear be so committed to stopping a previously unknown pathogen? The novel coronavirus only reached the United States at the end of 2019. Even with top infectious disease experts from around the world focused on the coronavirus, there’s still a lot we do not know about this highly contagious infectious disease. 

Still, the CDC and other top health agencies have outlined steps that community members can take to stop the spread of this disease. The CDC has advised businesses to step up their routine cleaning and disinfecting efforts. 

We’ve witnessed area businesses close public restrooms, remove dining sets, and even renounce paper money. Residents are now required to physically distance themselves from others whenever possible. On top of that, face coverings are a mandatory accessory in all public places. Despite this, the total number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise. With each day, the future is looking murkier and murkier. 

The National City, California, Entities That We Can Help

Eco Bear’s vast experience in biohazard remediation includes the following locations:

  • Food service establishments: restaurants, food trucks, breweries
  • Entertainment venues: concert halls, movie theaters, sports facilities
  • Healthcare settings: hospitals, nursing homes, retirement centers, group homes
  • Grocery and retail stores
  • Fitness facilities: gyms, yoga studios, locker rooms, skating rinks
  • All office settings
  • Commercial rental properties, vacation homes, hotels, bed and breakfasts
  • Industrial settings: factories, production rooms, packaging and distribution areas
  • Shared community buildings and facilities
  • Hair salons, spas, barbershops
  • Residential properties

How We Can Help

Don’t let fear and anxiety overrule your efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The CDC has outlined several simple steps that you can take to keep yourself and others healthy and safe. 

When routine cleaning and disinfection protocols fail, as they sometimes do, Eco Bear’s rapid response coronavirus remediation team will come to your rescue. While we cannot help those that have already contracted the disease, we can contain and eliminate any contaminated area. 

Contact Eco Bear Today

Contact Eco Bear’s trusted COVID-19 rapid-response team to receive a fair and transparent estimate. We provide comprehensive biohazard remediation services in and around National City, California. Call (818) 358-4359 to talk with an informed and compassionate team member. We’re here around the clock!