Living in Norco, CA provides a peaceful existence that many of the state’s and country’s residents do not get to enjoy. The city has a much lower crime rate than the national average. The overall crime rate in Norco is 195 as opposed to the US average of 274. That makes the city of Norco’s crime rate 1.4 times lower than the national average. 

In 2018, Norco had a violent crime rate of 125.4 compared to the US average crime rate of 207.3, but its property crimes do rank higher. In 2018, Norco rated a 236.6 for property crime which made it more apt to have a property crime occur that the average US location with only 189.3 property crimes. 

That does not mean that crime does not occur in Norco, but you do experience less often. When it occurs though, Eco Bear is here to help you restore order and ambiance to your home or business. 

Sometimes the tragic nature of the incident, such as an unattended death, suicide or violent crime, precludes you from cleaning the area yourself. In other cases, you should not clean it yourself because biohazards may be present that you do not have the equipment or sanitation fluids to properly clean. You should not have to clean it yourself. You have enough to deal with already between the police reports, the arrangements for medical treatments or preparation of the body and funeral plans. 

Despite what television shows write, the police do not have a department that cleans up the crime scenes. You may know that EcoBear cleans homeless encampments and biohazard spills, but we also tend to crime scenes. In addition to working with municipalities, individuals can also call on EcoBear for help with tough cleaning and restoration issues. 

One of our most important facets is empathy. We think it means more than our cleaning tools, personal protective equipment (PPE) and our sanitizing cleansers. We meet with the survivors or family members before we wipe down a single counter. The EcoBear team wants you to understand our process and we want to let you know that we respect your loss or the traumatic event you have undergone. 

When we originally access the scene, we examine the affected contents, building materials and damages to determine the severity and what level of cleaning it will require. Sometimes, bodily fluids compromise the mattresses and they must be discarded. Bodily fluids and blood may stain hardwood floors, so they must be ripped out and the boards replaced. 

That may sound like overdoing it, but it is our job to ensure we remove all dangerous bodily materials and biohazards. We do what is needed to return the home or office to its prior clean, safe state. Ideally, you will never know what happened. 

We discuss with you what we need to remove, clean and the repair work needed. Our team also prepares you for what you will need to replace such as the mattresses. 

We follow Occupational Health and Safety Administration regulations plus the Health department of the nation, state and local jurisdiction. Items you might not realize are biohazards require special disposition. We follow disposal regulations and handle removing all necessary items from your home or office. People do not typically associate danger with a crime scene once the crime has ended, but the pathogens that carry HIV and Hepatitis C live in blood and blood spatter. We use hospital-grade disinfectants to kill 99.9 percent of blood pathogens. 

While the brunt of a crime scene cleanup relates to cleaning the area so that the aspects of the crime no longer remain detectable, the other aspects of cleaning now include COVID-19 protections. We take added precautions to ensure that no trace of the virus that causes COVID-19 lingers in the space. 

Effective cleaning and restoration of a location where a crime occurred takes more time and effort in 2020 and beyond. Eco Bear understands how tough the situation you face can be. We are here to help you restore the look of the space and sanitize it so it provides a safe space for you and your loved ones or customers. 

Contact us today to learn more about our cleaning services and how we can help you in a tough time with the crime scene cleanup you require. You do not have to deal with this alone. Let Eco Bear help you.