At Eco Bear, we understand the trying times that the people of Norfolk, California are going through right now. With so much of our lives feeling turned upside, down, it’s normal to feel panicked or overwhelmed. As an integral part of the Norwalk, California community, we want you to know that we are here for you. We’re here to help you make sense of it all and to help you stay safe.

If there’s one thing we know about COVID-19, it’s that it spreads easily. It’s vital that you eradicate it from your home or business to keep everyone else safe. At Eco Bear, we are a top quality biohazard cleaning company that can help you eliminate COVID-19 from your home or workplace with ease. We are a local women-owned and veteran-run company that cares about the community and will help you in any way that we can. 

Understanding COVID-19

First, we want you to truly understand COVID-19. We know there is so much information out there today that can make your head spin. How do you know what’s truth and what’s not? Turning on the news or social media is bound to leave you with new thoughts and worries.

We’ve gathered our information from the federal and state governments, as well as the CDC to help you understand the true facts about COVID-19 in Norwalk, CA:

  • COVID-19 is highly contagious between people
  • COVID-19 is also highly contagious between objects and people, such as doorknobs, light switches, and countertops
  • It can affect people of any age or gender
  • People with an underlying condition may be more affected
  • The virus can sit on a surface for hours and sometimes days
  • Some people are carriers of the virus but don’t show any symptoms
  • Around 5% of those infected in Norwalk and surrounding areas die from COVID-19
  • Symptoms may show up between 2 days and 14 days after exposure
  • Those with symptoms should isolate themselves for at least 10 days after the first symptom appears and stay isolated for 3 days  after the symptoms disappear
  • Anyone that thinks they have been exposed should voluntarily isolate themselves for 14 days

We know these facts are scary. We are all in this together, though. At Eco Bear, we work hard to keep the people of Norwalk, CA safe. Our disinfection services are top-notch, as we are a leading biohazard cleaning company in the Norwalk, CA area. We disinfect (which is much more than just cleaning) to eradicate the virus from your home or business.

At Eco Bear, we take the virus seriously. We have all of the proper precautions in place, including wearing the proper PPE to protect ourselves and anyone else during the process. We have a great track record in the area for all types of difficult cleanup situations including suicide, unattended death, and crime scene cleanup. We ensure your 100% satisfaction with COVID-19 cleanup too.

Let Eco Bear Be Your COVID-19 Cleaning Company

As your local biohazard cleaning company in Norwalk, CA we are here to help you through this. As a locally owned company, we are a part of the community. We aren’t some conglomerate from across the country that only knows you as a number. We are involved in the Norwalk community and are living the same life you are. We are here to help you get through this.

We offer the most competitive prices in the area. Combined with our positive track record, you know you’re getting the best services in the area. To show you how committed we are to your 100% satisfaction, we promise the following:

  • A transparent and honest quote for our COVID-19 disinfection services
  • Competitive pricing that’s better than the companies in the area
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • No payment necessary until you are 100% happy with the job completed

We are proud to serve the Norwalk community, helping you eradicate the virus from your home or business. Whether you have a family member that was infected with the illness or you think you’ve been exposed and want your home or business disinfected, we are here for you every step of the way. 

We have set up a 24/7 COVID-19 hotline that will help you with your questions 24/7, 365 days a week. We know you have questions and need answers right away – we are here to give them to you. Call us anytime, ask questions or make an appointment to disinfect your home or business.

We can be reached at (818) 358-4359. Our representatives will happily assist you during these trying times. Ask questions, get a quote or get your appointment set. We are ready and waiting to assist you.