Oceanside, California is the 25th largest California city with a population of 175,690. This balmy coastal city has much to offer by way of museums, exclusive harbor shops, fine cuisine and access to water-sports like surfing. Many surfers congregate at the historic California Surf Museum. There are lovely nature parks like Oceanside Harbor Village, Guajome County Park, Oceanside Strand and of course the spectacular Harbor Beach. Visitors will find a wealth of outdoor activities like bike-riding, hiking, swimming and more.

In spite of the gorgeous locale and friendly residents, this urban spot has its share of crimes. Assaults and homicide cases like the one just recently where two individuals were fighting in a Vista home until gunshots broke out killing one and seriously wounding the other are becoming more and more frequent.

What Is Involved in Typical Biohazard Cleanup & Property Remediation Services?

When there is visible or suspected biohazard pathogens or other dangerous substances present, it is usually necessary to call for a professional cleanup and remediation service such as Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company with experience in biohazard-type property cleanup jobs. Some common pathogens to be aware of are:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Molds & Other Microscopic Organisms Like Protozoa
  • Any Potentially Dangerous/Infectious Sharps such as Needles, Syringes & Lancets
  • Various Toxins Among Others

There are a number of reasons where pathogens or other biohazard materials are likely to be present. Letting a professional biohazard cleanup crew, like the friendly family-owned Eco Bear, complete the arduous task is recommended by health and safety specialists. These commonly encountered situations needing special biohazard cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing and at last restoration include:

  • Crime Scenes esp. When There is Evidence of Blood, Skin & Other Substances
  • Following a Significant Area Storm – Hurricanes, Severe Thunderstorms & Tornadoes
  • Unattended Death
  • Suicide
  • Rodent Infestation – Feces Droppings – Bats, Rats, Mice, etc.
  • Blood, Urine & Other Bodily Fluids
  • Medical Waste
  • Human Feces

Anytime that a human body is found deceased, the person who found the corpse should take immediate steps to ensure their safety. If the person was assaulted and killed by another, the homicide detectives from the local police force will want to immediately contain and seal off the area to preserve evidence. Generally, the police will put up the yellow tape that alerts people to not cross over onto the crime scene.

While there are many police and crime shows that depict these types of crime scene scenarios, most people never really think about the aftermath of any violent crime or death. It is most often left to the grieving families to clean up the property after the police have released the scene back to the homeowner or their family members.

Best Way to Clean a Vehicle That Has Biohazard Materials Inside

Substances considered to be a biohazard can get into the interior of a car or other vehicle in several different ways. Someone in the car could sustain an injury that causes loss of blood as in an automobile accident. Another person could die by natural causes while driving.

Having a heart attack, stroke or other life-threatening health conditions while inside of a car can leave behind bodily fluids. These can include skin tissue, bloodstains, urine, feces and more. The only way to completely rid the car of these pathogens is to hire a biohazard remediation cleanup service like Eco Bear that performs the appropriate cleanup in these types of incidents.

Still another possible incident is when someone is assaulted or killed by homicide. Since this is a capital felony crime, it is important to treat the car interior as if it were a crime scene because it likely is. When a person dies, the tissues, bones, muscles and other body structures also die creating an extremely foul and noxious odor that once smelled will always be remembered.

Having to clean up this type of horrible mess can be way too difficult for the family members who are in a state of mourning. If this job is not completed as soon as possible, those bodily tissues and fluids can become dried and even more difficult if not impossible to fully remove.

This is why a professional cleanup and property remediation team such as Eco Bear should be immediately contacted to ensure that this burden doesn’t fall to the family members. These cleaning specialists are comfortable working around these toxins or other types of harmful pathogens and will have the proper protective clothing and gear like gloves, mask, eye-shield, gown and other items.

Just recently, Oceanside saw a crime of this nature as a suspicious car was reported parked in a neighborhood where residents didn’t recognize the vehicle. Inside the SUV, a man’s dead body was found wrapped in a tarp on the backseat.

Why It Is Better to Hire a Biohazard Remediation Company to Cleanup After a Suicide in the Home

A suicide of a close family member or friend is painful and emotionally charged enough just by the unexpected finality of the event. Add to this by having the family members clean up the horrid scene without assistance and this could be an incredibly difficult and hard chore.

Some suicides are messier than others. While a hanging victim is relatively clean, gunshot wounds, deep stabs and slashing the wrists or neck can all result in blood and other bodily fluids and tissues being strewn all over the room where the death occurred.

Family members of suicide victims often feel overwhelmed by the loss. They can harbor deep feelings of grief, anger, guilt, and depression. Having to see the aftermath is not recommended by mental health experts. Instead, these professionals recommend that the family call a nearby biohazard property remediation team like the devoted team members of the family-run Eco Bear to perform the cleaning tasks for them.

While these types of cases can leave behind a wealth of evidence from the blood-soaked mattresses, carpet, walls and other areas, there are many hidden pathogens lurking in small cracks, down into the inner layers of a couch cushion or absorbed into the wall surfaces that also must be cleaned in the proper manner to restore that property to where it hopefully was before the suicide occurred.

Family members that have lingering strong emotions, night terrors, severe panic attacks and other symptoms might benefit from a community outreach program designed especially for the family of suicide victims to get the support and help that they need during this roller coaster of emotions’ time period. Reach out to local survivors of suicide loss support group for compassionate care and a listening ear.

How to Safely Eliminate Potentially Infectious Human, Animal or Rodent Feces

The feces of humans, animals, and even rodents can pose a big risk to the health of those that come in contact with it. Many types of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa are commonly found in everyone’s solid defecated waste products. Rats, raccoons, bats, and mice can leave telltale evidence of their home invasion by leaving fecal droppings behind.

Any sort of feces should always be treated as if it were extremely contagious just to be on the safe side. Always use protective clothing, wear gloves and a face-shield when attempting to clean up this mess.

Better yet, call a professional biohazard qualified cleanup and restoration company like the fine team from Eco Bear to do this nasty work for you. These cleaning experts will have the training to prevent any further contamination. These experts will also be able to remedy the problem much faster than an ordinary citizen could.

All food and beverage companies must follow very strict health department rules in order to stay open. A rodent infestation of some type or another pest invasion can wreak havoc on the lives of the small business owners. If your restaurant is under attack from potentially infectious and dirty vermin like rats, bats, and others, call for a topnotch biohazard team from Oceanside like Eco Bear remediation services to eliminate this issue once and for all.

Recently, there have been multiple reports of salmonella poisoning of food and beverage products. The cause is often traced back to cleanliness issues at some place on the product’s way into people’s homes. Salmonella is just one of the dangerous pathogens that feces harbor and E-coli is another commonly found infectious agent.

Many of these pathogens found inside of feces do not cause the person any harm as long as the microorganisms remain in the digestive colon tract. The problem begins when these often naturally-occurring bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and other pathogenic substances get into other body areas like the bloodstream, in the urinary tract, in eyes or inside of the mouth.

To avoid exposure to these harmful-to-humans microorganisms, call for a fast-acting biohazard property cleanup and restoration business to do the job. This ensures your family’s safety while the area is being thoroughly cleaned.

The usual steps in any biohazard cleanup/restoration case follow in this order:

  • Assess & Contain the Potentially Harmful Microbes
  • Cleansing of the Entire Contaminated Area with Special Supplies & Equipment
  • Sanitize the Space & All Surfaces to Kill any Remaining Living Organisms
  • Deodorize the Air – This is an Important Step to Eliminate Stubborn Odors in the Air and on Surfaces
  • Restoration Measures to Get Your Property Back Into a Habitable State Again

Keep Others Safe by Utilizing Special Biohazard Sharps Containers Before Disposing of the Items

Sharps should be considered hazardous if not certain that there are no pathogens present. A broken window hit with a ball or struck with a large tree limb during a high wind storm might result in shattered glass that is likely not contaminated. In this type of case, using precautions to ensure that the jagged glass edges don’t cut anyone’s skin is usually sufficient. Always dispose of this type of glass as per local trash collection regulations.

There are other sharps that can be potentially infectious and therefore a danger to humans and animals. This type of contaminated sharp includes the following:

  • Needles
  • Lancets
  • Syringes
  • Microscope Glass Slides & Other Lab Items
  • Surgical Tubing – IVs, Surgical Equipment, etc.

It is illegal to throw sharps of any kind into the regular trash. Healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and walk-in-clinics will have their own red biohazard containers to put used sharps in when finished using them. Most diabetics and others who need to use multiple sharps in their home can get one of these containers that are approved by the FDA. Ask your family physician or home care agency for further information.

When using a sharps container, be sure to avoid spilling anything inside. Never attempt to reach into the container to pull anything out. This is extremely dangerous and could lead to a contaminated puncture wound that could potentially spread various pathogens that could cause serious illness and even death in rare cases.

Residents of Oceanside, California can learn more regarding the proper disposal of sharps and where to take them by contacting the Waste Management Recycling Company.

Learn more about how a professional biohazard property cleanup and remediation service like the reputable Eco Bear business is always ready to assist in these types of cleanup situations. There is no reason to worry about how to clean up the leftover mess and potentially dangerous pathogens. Eco Bear has the trained and skilled manpower, specialized equipment, and supplies and the advanced knowledge to thoroughly clean, sanitize, deodorize and end with an appropriate property restoration that can be a small amount of relief during these trying times.

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