In many unnerving ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended our way of life in Ontario. We’ve all become something of a band of soldiers with the mission of controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus among our family, friends, and neighbors in Ontario. This includes taking firm steps to combat a contamination of our homes, businesses, rental properties, and other locations if we have reason to believe COVID-19 contamination has occurred. Eco Bear, the leading Ontario COVID-19 cleaning company, is rapidly ready to assist in providing comprehensive coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services. We can be reached around the clock at (818) 358-4359 to provide you immediate assistance, day or night. 

Most Commonplace Symptoms of a Coronavirus Infection

If you are like most people, you’ve been bombarded with what seems like ever-changing information about COVID-19, including the common symptoms of the infection. In recent days, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, together with infectious disease experts around the world, have developed a comprehensive list of the type of symptoms people infected with COVID-19 experience. They’ve also been able to identify the rate at which infected people tend to have one or another of these various symptoms. 

When it comes to a COVID-19 infection, the most frequently occurring symptoms that occur during the earlier stages of the illness are:

  • Fever – 88% of cases
  • Dry cough – 66% of cases
  • Fatigue – 38% of cases

As the infection progresses, two other symptoms may exhibit:

  • Phlegm – 33% of cases
  • Shortness of breath – 19% of cases

The type of phlegm associated with an advancing COVID-19 infection can appropriately be described as having the consistency of rubber cement, a bonding substance known to crafters, school art teachers, students, and others. It is thick and gooey in its composition. 

Shortness of breath is the major warning sign that COVID-19 is progressing, or has progressed, to a more serious state. In simple terms, the previously mentioned phlegm can build in the lung where it can essentially harden. This process impairs the effectiveness of the lungs. 

As you can see, shortness of breath occurs in about 19% of COVID-19 infections. About half of that number are able to address this issue outside of a hospital setting. This involves working closely with a primary care physician or other appropriate health care provider. Approximately half of the people who experience shortness of breath require hospitalization. 

Ultimately, a percentage of individuals admitted to the hospital end up in the intensive care unit. A considerable number of those people do require placement on a ventilator, a mechanical breathing machine. Some people do recover through this intensive treatment, others do not. Although an exact statistic remains elusive, somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 to 4% of people infected with COVID-19 globally die. 

There are some other less commonplace symptoms associated with a COVID-19 infection that you need to be aware:

  • Joint pain – 15% of cases
  • Sore throat – 14% of cases
  • Headache – 14% of cases
  • Chills – 11% of cases
  • Runny nose – 5% of cases
  • Vomiting – 4% of cases
  • Diarrhea – 4% of cases

An important caveat needs to be underscored. About 25% of people who are infected with COVID-19 show absolutely no symptoms of the disease or have such mild symptoms that are not even particularly troublesome. While this is a positive factor in many ways, there is one problematic aspect to the asymptomatic nature of COVID-19 in about a quarter of the cases of infection. A person can infect other people with COVID-19 even if he or she has no symptoms whatsoever. 

Eradicating COVID-19 in Your Business, Home, Rental Property, or Other Location

A stark reality associated with COVID-19 is that it is highly contagious. An individual can become infected with COVID-19 through person to person contact. (This fact is the reason why physical distancing and stay at home directives are so important.)

COVID-19 can also be transmitted as a result of the virus being left on surfaces and objects. Depending on the material making up a surface or object, the virus can live and be capable of infecting people for days.

The durability of COVID-19 on surfaces and objects highlights the necessity for taking a proactive stance when you are concerned about contamination. This is the reason why the Eco Bear infectious disease eradication specialist at our Ontario COVID-19 cleaning company are on-call around the clock.

COVID-19 Cleaning Company Ontario Rapid Response Team

Armed with the latest technology and medical-grade sanitization agents, the highly experienced COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting team at Eco Bear is equipped to be at your home, business, rental property, or other location and provide you with rapid remediation of a contamination. You can call us right now, or any time of the day or night, at (818) 358-4359. We’ll comprehensively eradication COVID-19 from your property and return it to a fully usable – and safe – condition.