Orange stands out from other Orange County communities because of the city’s effort to preserve residences and other buildings that were constructed in the 1960s. Cities throughout Orange County began demolishing these structures with abandon, beginning in the 1960s.  Because of the preservation efforts in Orange, the community maintains a graceful air of a bygone era.

Orange now has a population of about 150,000 residents. The city has various recreational and entertainment offerings. It also maintains a relatively low crime rate and is home to award-winning schools.

The Unimaginable Tragedy of NASCAR Driver Robby Gordon

Orange has always been home to former NASCAR driver Robby Gordon. His life has been center stage because of his efforts as a race car driver. A tragic event occurred in his Orange home that brought unwanted attention to Gordon and his family.

Gordon owned a home in Orange in which his father and stepmother resided. Life took a horrible turn for the Gordon family when Gordon’s father strangled his wife to death in the home owned by Gordon. Gordon’s father then took his own life with a firearm.

The media was at the scene in no time at all. For his part, Gordon told the media that he could not comment on the events until the Orange Police Department and Orange County Coroner completed their own investigations of the matter. Gordon’s house was a crime scene, subject to investigation by both agencies. The bodies ultimately were removed by the coroner for autopsies.

The Aftermath of the Notorious Murder-Suicide in Orange

Following the horrific murder-suicide in Orange, Robby Gordon was left in a virtually incomprehensive situation. His father had murdered his step-mother. After taking the woman’s life, the senior Gordon killed himself.

What Gordon was also soon to learn was that responsibility for the biohazard cleanup of his home following the deaths was his. The stark reality is that when a horrific event occurs in the home, including suicide, murder, accident, or a death that is not discovered for some time, the owner is responsible for the biohazard cleanup in Orange. Even celebrity does not shift the terrible burden away from a surviving family member.

The recommended course of action is to retain the experienced, capable professional services of an experienced biohazard cleanup company in Orange. A professional biohazard remediator posses the background, skills, equipment, and materials to safely and fully remediate the aftermath of a traumatic occurrence in a residence.

In addition, a biohazard cleanup expert in Orange also undertakes remediation in places of business and other locations as well. Thorough cleanup and undertaking remediation in a fully safe manner are vital.

Blood, bodily fluids, and other biological materials can contain dangerous pathogens. In the United States, the most common types of pathogens that may exist in blood and other bodily fluids include:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • MRSA

Even if a family member has been the victim of some type of violent event that results in the need for blood and bodily fluid cleanup, the presumption cannot be made that these biological materials are not contaminated with some type of hazardous pathogen. The reality is that the person can be infected with something that is harmful and transmittable and may not immediately know it. When confronted with the need to clean up following some sort of violent or traumatic incident, including homicide or suicide, risks can be minimized when the presumption is made that blood and bodily fluids may somehow be infected with something dangerous.

Orange Grief Counseling Assistance

As has been noted, the grief that follows the traumatic loss of a loved one can be profound, persistent, and seemingly overwhelming. There is no need to try and deal with this type of bereavement process alone and without professional assistance.

There are Orange grief counselors and therapists that can provide much-needed support and assistance during a challenging bereavement process. These professionals in Orange include:

Susan Purrington
Old Towne Orange
1107 East Chapman Avenue, 
Suite 201
Orange, California, 92866
(949) 648-7875

Odegaard Family Counseling
1940 West Orangewood
Orange, California 92868
(562) 458-1054

Center for Individual and Family Therapy
840 Town & Country Road
Orange CA 92868
(714) 558- 9266

These professionals can assist you in finding a grief or bereavement group. There are even groups specifically designed for people who’ve lost loved ones by suicide or homicide. In addition, these therapists can provide one on one sessions to assist individuals striving to come to terms with traumatic grief and related issues. A therapist typically will schedule an initial consultation with a prospective client at no charge to that individual.

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