Oxnard, California is a city that sits right on the coast in Ventura County. No matter how much you love the city, you may not love it as much when someone close to you passes away. With biohazard cleanup in Oxnard, you can get the help that you need when a crime affects one of your beloved family members or friends.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes include any type of crime that affects one or more people and includes an act of violence. Some examples of violent crimes include:




In a single year, residents living in Oxnard reported more than 6,000 crimes. With a reported 15 murders, that equals out to 7.2 murders for every 100,000 people living in the city. Residents also reported nearly 400 assaults and 65 rapes in that same year. No matter how safe you are, you may need to call on biohazard cleanup experts for help.

What Is Biohazard Cleanup and Why Do You Need It?

Oxnard biohazard cleanup gives you the peace of mind that you need. Instead of trying to clean the home yourself, you can leave and let professionals do it for you. California does not require that you hire professionals, though many find that they do not want to do the work on their own. When you need to clean a house after the murder of a loved one, you may not want to see what the room looks like. It may be simply too hard for you to be there. With biohazard cleanup, you can stay in your own home and only return to the scene of the crime once the work is done.

One recent report found that Oxnard is only 17% safer than other cities in the United States. With a violent crime rate of more than four incidents per 1,000 residents, a crime can happen when you least expect it. Even having a home security system or protection equipment can’t keep you safe from all types of intruders. When you need help cleaning a home or a vehicle after a crime, you can get the help that you need.

Feces Cleanup

Any feces found in the room where the crime occurred is a potential threat to your health and the health of anyone else who encounters it. This can include feces left behind by wild mice and rats as well as pet droppings and human waste. According to Charles Daniel, feces can contain parasites, bacteria, and fungi that spread from one person to the next. Even if you wash your hands before and after cleaning the room and/or wear gloves, you can still spread feces around on your clothing. A good biohazard professional will clean the room and eliminate any of the feces found. This will significantly reduce your risks of developing any medical conditions related to feces.

Suicide Cleanup

Losing a loved one to suicide is one of the hardest things that you can ever go through. The suicide rate across the country jumps during the holiday season because so many people have a hard time being on their own and without their loved ones. Someone you love and care about may commit suicide because he or she suffers from depression too. Cleaning up after a suicide in Oxnard can take a long time and leave you with mental images that you’ll carry for the rest of your life. It’s extremely important that you hire a company who can help you with this cleanup and reduce the effect that it has on your life.

Sharps Cleanup

It takes just one prick from a contaminated needle for you to develop a serious medical condition such as Hepatitis B or MRSA. MRSA can land you in the hospital for days or even weeks and cause a number of health problems in the future. The problem with cleaning up an Oxnard biohazard scene on your own is that you may not know your loved one was infected. Oxnard offers many different places where you can drop off your sharps, including the needles used for illegal drugs and those used by diabetics. You can also call one of the facilities in the city directly to find out about having the sharps picked up for you. With biohazard cleanup, you can let trained professionals remove those sharps.

Biohazard in Vehicle Cleanup

Not all biohazard scenes in Oxnard take place inside homes. Carjackings and other types of crimes can occur in a driveway or in the middle of the road. No one should see what their loved ones went through in these situations, which is why they hire cleanup experts. You can have both the interior and exterior cleaned, which will help if you want to donate or sell that vehicle in the future.

Help From Eco Bear

At Eco Bear, we have all the training and expertise needed to clean up any type of biohazard scene in and around Oxnard. We offer support for our clients too because we know that this is a trying time. Our compassionate team can help you understand the benefits of letting professionals do all the hard work and let you know what you can do next. You may want to join a support group or see a therapist to talk through your feelings. We are available 24/7 every day of the year to assist you. Call today to talk to our team.

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