Hoarding disorder is a commonly recognized mental disorder that leaves the sufferer surrounded by a legion of unpleasant and often dangerous living conditions. Experts estimate that up to 5% of the adult population in the United States suffers from some form of hoarding disorder. You won’t need a professional diagnosis to know that you’re dealing with a “hoarder” situation, though. You will see it in their living space. It’s one of the few mental disorders with very clear physical manifestations that non-sufferers can see with their own eyes.

If you have a relative who hoards materials, furniture, odds and ends, and even food items, you likely are very disturbed by the situation. Concerned parents, children, friends, and other family often try to convince the hoarder to agree to a cleanup. Not only do hoarders live in dangerous living conditions, but they also put other people in danger because of the often hazardous chemicals and products that they hoard over the years.

Hoarder Consequences

Like any other mental disorder, hoarding disorder results in unpleasant consequences for the sufferer and those that love him or her. At the heart of hoarding is an obsession with physical objects and a compulsion to hoard them rather than throw them away when they become obsolete or dangerous. There are cases so severe that Eco Bear specialists have even seen hoarders who keep months or even years of rotten food or food containers with the remnants of rotten food. Clothing stained with hazardous fluids like blood or saliva may be hoarded instead of just thrown away.

While hoarding is a fascinating mental disorder to read and learn about, it is not so fascinating to see the consequences of hoarding. Because the root causes of hoarding disorder can be so painful and deep-seeded, it’s vital to hire a company like Eco Bear to do the job. Our professional cleaning services include more than just physical cleanup of the hoarding environment. We also work to compassionately understand and provide empathy during the cleanup process.

One Man’s Junk Is Another’s Treasure

What we see when we look at the hoarder’s environment is much different than what they see. We see a dangerous environment where someone could fall and get hurt or even succumb to a disease caused by the dangerous chemicals in a hoarder’s environment; what they often see, sadly, is a lifetime of “treasure.” While every hoarder has different reasons for hoarding, the majority of people who come to live in this environment see each junk object as something they hold onto for comfort. Eco Bear compassionately addresses this situation as they perform cleanup, working with you to calm your relative or friend (or even you if you’re the hoarder and realize that this cleanup is necessary). 

Eco Bear works to understand the personal causes of hoarding as well as the technical and professional aspects of hoarding. For example, we work on each job by taking into account the Clutter-Hoarding Scale as constructed by the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization. In their professional scale, hoarding can be Level I, Level II, Level III, Level IV, and Level V. We approach each individual job by first defining the level of hoarding we’re addressing so that we bring the right tools and equipment to the job.

We even work in Palm Desert hoarder property cleanups where the hoarder has passed away. Obviously, this sensitive situation often involves members of the family who need a kind, helping hand in the cleanup, or who might want to forego the sadness of the cleanup and leave the job to Eco Bear entirely. Every family who comes to us receives both the human courtesy and compassion and professional cleanup they deserve.

Hoarder Cleanup Primer

Performing a flawless hoarder cleanup in Palm Desert requires the right team and the right tools to be on the job. Eco Bear’s long line of special cleaners, cleaning strategies, and advanced equipment all make for a much more thorough and stress free cleanup project for the people who hire us for the job. We do everything for you so that you don’t have to lift a finger to cope with the hoarder’s situation. If you’re a recovering hoarder, we compassionately work with you all the way through the project, getting your environment safe, clean, and refreshing for you again.

We don’t just remove hoarder materials, old food, and other unsightly or dangerous objects. Eco Bear also ensures that the environment is cleaned, vacuumed, and scrubbed with industrial grade cleaners using commercial cleaning equipment that gets the job done right. Each person who comes to us for help in Palm Desert will be pleased with the prompt, friendly service we provide, and the unique human touch and care that we bring to the project.

Talk to Eco Bear in Palm Desert, California

We know that hoarder cleanup is so overwhelming that almost no family, friend, or even hoarder wants to address the problem by the time it becomes out of control. Thanks to your friends at Eco Bear, you don’t have to address the problem. We will. Our case managers will analyze your hoarder level, craft a customized cleanup strategy to fit your needs, and tackle the job with confidence, professionalism, and human compassion. To learn more about Palm Desert hoarder cleanup, please call the pros here at Eco Bear today.