Losing a family member or other loved one to suicide represents one of the most wrenching, emotionally challenging experiences in the course of a lifetime. Sadly, people from all walks of life in Palm Desert and throughout the Coachella Valley face the loss of a loved one by suicide each year. In many cases, the trauma associated with losing a family member in this manner is compounded by the need for suicide cleanup in Coachella Valley.

The suicide rate throughout the Coachella Valley is higher than is the case with must of the state of California. It runs higher than a good portion of the United States as well. Indeed, the Coachella Valley suicide rate is described as being “exceedingly high.” This includes teenagers and even younger children who take their own lives or attempt to do so.

The most common means to commit suicide in Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley include:

  • Intentional medication overdose
  • Firearm
  • Knife
  • Hanging
  • Jumping
  • Drowning

As mentioned, there are situations in which suicide cleanup in Coachella Valley aggravates the challenging emotions people face when they have a loved one that takes his or her own life. The stark reality is that suicide cleanup in Coachella Valley, including suicide cleanup in Palm Desert, represents a truly daunting task. 

When a person takes his or her life using a firearm or knife, the death scene can be alarming. In addition to the appearance of such a death scene, the area is likely contaminated by blood, bodily fluids, and even other types of biological material.

When blood or bodily fluids contaminate a death scene, there exists a risk that dangerous pathogens are also present. The most common types of biohazards that are confronted in a Coachella Valley suicide cleanup include:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • MRSA

A person who lost a family member to a violent or traumatic suicide, including one by firearm or knife, must consider seriously engaging the services of a suicide clean up in Coachella Valley professional. By taking this course, an individual is protected from exposure to the health risks that can be associated with the scene of a suicide. In addition, by hiring a professional, a person prevents confronting an additional emotional toll arising from the suicide of a loved one. Taking on a suicide cleanup personally can leave significantly profound and long-lasting emotional scars.

Individuals who lose a loved one to suicide can experience overwhelming, and even traumatic, grief. Traumatic grief is defined as an abrupt, unexpected loss. A person is not just mourning the loss but is traumatized by it.

There are resources in Coachella Valley, including Palm Desert, designed to assist survivors of suicide. One such resource is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – Coachella Valley. Not only does this organization maintain comprehensive suicide prevention resources, but it also programs for survivors of suicide.

The organization can assist survivors of suicide in accessing individual therapy and counseling programs. The organization can also assist in connecting a Palm Desert survivor of suicide with support groups.

Contact information for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – Coachella Valley is:

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Palm Desert, California 92260