Like many communities around the United States, Palm Springs has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. As the vibrant desert resort community teeters between reopening phases, area business owners have one thing on their mind: what to do when coronavirus strikes their enterprise.

Eco Bear offers comprehensive cleaning and disinfection services to Palm Springs residents and business owners impacted by the coronavirus. We’re proud of the work that our courageous, compassionate, and skilled technicians have completed in the Palm Springs area. 

Who Are We?

Eco Bear is a family-owned and operated coronavirus remediation business that serves communities throughout California. We are female-owned and veteran-led. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most comprehensive COVID-19 disinfection services.

When we first went into the biohazard cleanup industry, we knew we’d be facing our fair share of unknowns. We just didn’t know that years of infectious disease remediation would put us on the front lines in the battle against such a momentous global pandemic. 

As we stand on the front lines in the fight against infectious disease, we’re confident that we have the tools and knowledge it takes to win. 

What Do We Have to Offer?

As the world’s top infectious disease experts work to develop a safe and effective vaccine for the coronavirus, the only defenses that we currently have against this looming pathogen are preventative measures and remediation services. 

Eco Bear is here to help when personal protective equipment and hand-washing fail. Over the years, we have successfully helped businesses that were plagued infectious disease outbreaks, rodent infestations, and crime scene aftermath.

Can We Really Stop the Coronavirus?

According to the CDC, certain disinfectants are more effective against the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). At Eco Bear, we use aggressive cleaning and disinfecting tactics to help homeowners and business owners cope with contaminated spaces. 

We know that the safety and health of Palms Springs citizens are in our hands when we are hired to provide remediation services. We also recognize that many area businesses rely on us to stay open. 

If you are a Palm Springs business owner or property manager, consider making Eco Bear a part of your COVID-19 emergency response plan. There may come a time in the future when you have to face the virus head-on. Given what we know about the coronavirus, it is imperative that you act fast when dealing with isolated coronavirus contamination in your home or workplace.

Coronavirus is spread through infected individuals and contaminated surfaces. The pathogens that cause the virus can linger on surfaces for as long as 17 days. They can also be spread by asymptomatic carriers. By the time these invisible enemies reach the most vulnerable population, there is no undoing the damage. 

Who Can We Help

At Eco Bear we are dedicated to helping the entire Palm Springs community. That includes:

  • Businesses
  • Community Organizations
  • Residents
  • And more

We have experience cleaning and disinfecting businesses, homes, and rental properties.

We Are Here For You

If you live in Palm Springs or a surrounding community and you require immediate COVID-19 remediation services, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Give us a ring on our 24/7 hotline, (818) 358-4359. Check out our website, or send an email to [email protected]. During these trying times, know that we are here to support you!