If you are dealing with someone who has a hoarding problem in Palm Springs, you may be thinking about calling in hoarder house cleanup help. Hoarder house cleanup is like no other type of cleanup. It’s involved, it’s stressful, it’s really intense, and it can test the nerves of family members and hoarders alike.

Hoarder house cleanup isn’t just about getting a hoarder house clean. It’s about getting the hoarder house to a point where it’s safe to live in again. Hoarder houses have reached the point where they’ve become completely uninhabitable. They are dangerous because of things like the sheer number of towering piles of junk located everywhere throughout the house. They are just as dangerous because of the massive volume of biohazardous waste that exists in the space.

If you’re feeling like you’re on the edge of despair, don’t worry. We get it, and we’re here to help. We have the expertise and know-how to handle hoarder cleanup while being completely cognizant of the unique emotional struggles of hoarders.

Hoarder house cleanup is difficult because hoarders are struggling with a challenging mental disorder.

If you’re the loved one who wants to get a hoarder house cleaned up, and your hoarder relative is fighting you every step of the way, you already realize it’s because they’re dealing with a really difficult mental illness. Hoarding disorder makes it really difficult for people to get rid of items that should be thrown away or given away. They keep literally every scrap of paper, every piece of garbage, and every useless item that comes into the home. There are different types of hoarders, so some may focus more on collecting cherished collectibles, while others may focus on hoarding food. Eventually, the line between the different types of hoarding blurs as the house becomes full of junk and normal living is unable to go on.

When it finally gets to the point where continuing on is not an issue, the hoarder is often very reluctant to take the necessary steps. It can be very frustrating trying to help them through the process. This is where getting help makes all the difference. There are several reasons that the hoarder should know that it’s in their best interest to get their house back in order.

Hoarders could lose their homes.

What many hoarders don’t realize is that left alone, hoarding never gets any better. It only gets worse. Eventually, the house will literally crumble under the weight of the junk that’s in the home. Appliances will no longer work. Utilities will have long been shut off. Walls will fill with mold, while floorboards will sag and disintegrate. The very structure of the house could be in imminent danger as a hoarder house descends into squalor. If the hoarder doesn’t do anything about it, the city will. In many cases, the city could actually condemn a home if it is found to be unlivable. It’s in the hoarder’s best interest to pull their home back from the edge before it gets to that point. If they don’t, they could end up losing everything.

Hoarder houses are inherently unhealthy.

When a hoarder house cleanup team comes to the house, they’re not coming simply to make it look nice. They’re coming to get rid of all of the junk while ridding the house of biohazardous waste. Biohazardous waste and infectious waste are some of the most dangerous types of waste because they contain pathogens. Pathogens are the microorganisms that cause diseases, and they can be airborne or blood-borne. Hoarder houses are filled to the brim with biohazardous waste,

It’s located in the kitchen inside of a refrigerator that’s filled with rotting food and that hasn’t been emptied for years. It’s located in a bathroom with a tub that’s overflowing with fecal matter because it’s being used as a toilet, most likely because the toilet itself is backed up with sewage. The waste is located in a bedroom where cat carcasses are buried, forgotten underneath piles and piles of junk. It’s located on every surface in the house because there’s no easy way for a hoarder to remain hygienic.

Pathogens are extremely dangerous, and a hoarder being exposed to so many pathogens in their home is putting them at high-risk for so many diseases.

Working with a hoarder cleanup company is the right choice.

Some people believe that they’ll just handle hoarder cleanup themselves because they want to save money. They figure that they’ll just get a few extra-strength cleaning supplies, some sponges, and some willing volunteers before jumping in to wash the house down. Many people who attempt to do this quickly realize that they’re in way over their heads. If you think what’s visible in a hoarder house is scary, what’s even more frightening is everything you don’t see. There is so much of the unknown buried beneath the piles of junk. You could be putting your hand into a pile of old, dirty needles, sticking yourself in the process and exposing yourself to dangerous pathogens.

Hoarder cleaning companies are used to all of this. They come covered from head to toe in PPE gear that will protect them from anything they encounter. They have the tools necessary to reach into the most difficult corners of a hoarder house. They know how to handle the most unpleasant types of waste, packing it up securely into biohazard bins so that it doesn’t contaminate anyone else before it’s sent on for disposal. And most importantly, they’re not going to give up until the job is done. They take great satisfaction in seeing a former hoarder house turn into a space that someone can actually live in.

Give us a call if you need help with hoarder house cleanup. A simple conversation is a great first step.