When it comes to hoarder property cleanup in Palmdale, you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Cleaning up a hoarder property takes a lot out of you. It’s more intense than even the most aggressive cleaning of a regular “dirty” house. When you’re cleaning a Hoarder house, you’re not simply scrubbing down surfaces and making everything sparkle. You’re getting rid of biohazardous waste that can cause real issues for anyone who comes into the home.

What is a hoarder house?

A hoarder house is literally the home of a hoarder. A hoarder is someone who cannot let go of any single item. They accumulate massive amounts of junk because they feel that they’re unable to throw anything away. Hoarding disorder is a serious mental illness, and it can destroy a person’s sense of self and well-being.

Some people think that hoarders prefer to live the way that they live, but they don’t. They simply feel overwhelmed by the compulsion to hold onto literally everything. Unfortunately, that compulsion leads to a home that is completely unsafe to live in. Many therapists connect hoarding disorder to forms of OCD. Whatever the origins of the disease, it results in a home that is filled to the brim with junk and filled with feces, animal waste, and tons of other infectious and biohazardous waste.

What is biohazardous waste?

Biohazardous waste and infectious waste is waste filled with microorganisms called pathogens. Pathogens can be bloodborne or airborne, and they’re the organisms like viruses and bacteria that cause diseases ranging from influenza to HBV and HIV.

In a hoarder house, waste has built up to a level that’s become dangerous. The types of biohazardous waste you’ll find in a hoarder house include human feces, animal feces, sewage overflow, rotten food loaded with mold, floors slick with urine, and a host of other types of matter that can lead to a very serious disease.

Many hoarders have severe illnesses that are directly related to their hoarding. Some have respiratory illnesses due to the dust-filled air as well as the presence of mold. Some hoarders have skin rashes and other dermatological disorders due to contact with dangerous waste directly on the skin. Others have digestive issues due to eating food loaded with bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. In addition to disease, there are a host of other medical issues that could be directly tied to the pathogens that are running free throughout the home.

Cleaning a hoarder house isn’t simply an aesthetic issue, although how the house looks is important. The most important thing about cleaning a hoarder house is that you’re trying to get rid of all of the biohazardous waste that makes people sick. The level of waste in the house will depend on the level of hoarding that’s going on, but ultimately, all hoarder houses need to be scrubbed clean in order for them to resume being healthy environments.

If a hoarder house is condemned, their owners can be removed.

If you’re dealing with a hoarder who was reluctant to have their home clean, they should be aware of the fact that a house that is considered highly unsanitary and that is descending into squalor can actually be condemned. The house in that condition not only jeopardizes the people who live in the home, but it also jeopardizes any homes in the vicinity of the house. This can include neighbors that live down the street, or or it could include neighbors that live downstairs in an apartment building.

If the complaint is made in the city or town comes out and discovers that there is an unsanitary living situation, they could force the house to be cleaned or the person living in the house can be removed. At a certain point, a Hoarder house moves from an unsanitary living space to a public safety issue.

What happens to the waste collected from a hoarder house?

Once the waste is collected from the house, it’s placed into special bins and containers that are leakproof and that prevent the contents within from touching other surfaces or people. The waste is then transferred to a medical waste facility where it’s destroyed.

How do hoarder house cleaners remain safe when they’re cleaning a hoarder house?

Cleaners need to ensure that they don’t become infected with any of the biohazardous waste they encounter in a hoarder house. They wear coveralls that fully protect their bodies so they can move about the space without worry. They wear special shoes or shoe covers that protect their feet as they trudge through areas filled with wet trash and dirty liquid. They wear face shields and respirators so that they’re protected from the airborne particles that could get into their eyes, noses, and mouths.

Who should definitely consider working with feet Hoarder house cleaning company?

People who are buying or have bought a hoarder house that hasn’t been cleaned out yet should have it professionally cleaned. Whether they’re flipping the house or they’re planning on living there themselves, they’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the house has not only been made spotless but will also pass any health and safety check.

People who have been threatened with eviction or losing their home due to hoarding should definitely call a professional hoarding cleaning company. Professional cleaners can help ensure that the home passes inspection when cleaning is done.

We understand that hoarding is a very difficult issue for the hoarder and for their loved ones. Give us a call if you’d like to chat. We can help you discuss your options. We approach our jobs with professionalism, expediency, and empathy.