Biohazardous waste is no laughing matter. In fact, coming into contact with such elements could cost you your very life.

At Eco Bear, we strive to keep you informed on the latest concerning cleaning and remedial care. In these times, more than ever, it is important to keep the spaces that you occupy clean and orderly. When a hazardous situation present itself, however, it isn’t always up to you to take care of the aftermath. Actually, it is often safer, and wiser, to enlist the help of a professional biohazard cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona anytime there is blood, urine, feces or bodily fluids involved.

Join us as we explore the top reasons we believe professional help is necessary when handling biohazardous waste.

Top Reasons to Hire a Biohazard Professional

A biohazard is defined is any organic substance that poses a major threat to human health and wellness. As such, it is imperative that you allow a professional to take on tough biohazard jobs rather than put yourself at risk.

The following are some of the top reasons that we at Eco Bear would recommend you hire us the next time you are faced with a situation involving large amounts of biohazard:

1. It’s Easier:

Rather than scouring the internet to find out what safe handling of a biohazard entails, why not put the professionals to work? With training and experience, a professional biohazard company in Phoenix, Arizona will be able to rid the affected environment of toxic waste, while also effectively cleaning affected areas without the risk of cross-contaminating or tracking germs throughout your home or business.

2. It’s Safer:

Because blood, feces, urine, wastewater and bodily fluids all have the propensity to carry harmful disease, it goes without saying that hiring a professional would be the preferable choice. Professional cleaning teams will have the protective equipment necessary to shield themselves from risk, and will know the techniques useful for keeping germs and hazards at bay.

Some of the most common diseases associated with coming into direct or indirect contact with a biohazard include:

  • E.Coli
  • Salmonella
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • AIDS
  • Gastroenteritis

3. It’s Pacifying:

There’s just something about knowing that a professional team has handled a potentially toxic cleaning situation. Because they are privy to tools, equipment and techniques not available to the general public, you can rest easy knowing that professional took on the affected area, rather than a friend or family member who is not trained in biohazard cleaning.

4. It’s Less Invasive:

Sometimes situations involving biohazards are tricky to navigate for friends, family members and loved ones. Because events involving large amounts of blood or other biohazardous waste could be linked to serious and traumatic events, it is advised that you let a third-party handle the cleaning, rather than subjecting yourself and others to potentially emotional trying experiences.

The following are a few of the situations that you will want to avoid tackling yourself:

  • Suicide Clean Up
  • Homicide Clean Up
  • Crime Scene Clean Up
  • Unattended Death Clean Up

5. It’s a Deeper Clean:

As previously mentioned, a professional will have the equipment and cleaning products not always available to the general public to assist them cleaning up biohazardous waste. Moreover, a biohazard cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona like Eco Bear is going to have the training and tools needed to assess damage both above and below the surface, making each cleaning that much more thorough.

Don’t Go By Looks Alone

If you do find yourself in a situation where you must intervene in a situation that involves biohazards until the proper authorities arrive, be sure that you handle each person’s blood, urine, saliva, feces or bodily fluids the same, as you never know what diseases someone has acquired recently, even if that person is a member of your family.

To assist until help arrives, you may consider wearing gloves, a mask and goggles. You may also wear shoe coverings, an apron and other protective gear, depending on what is available and the level of severity.

Indirect Contact

Remember, it doesn’t take direct contact with a biohazard for the biohazard to pose a risk to human health. Contaminated surfaces and materials, such as bloodied shards of glass, exposed used needles and the like, all pose a major threat to those who come in contact with them.

Rather than take the risk, allow Eco Bear to help. Our team offers reputable and impeccable services to clients in the Phoenix, Arizona area, as well as to neighboring communities. Open 24-hours a day and seven days a week, we are committed to providing you with our training and expertise at the moment when you need it most. Give us a call or visit us online at Eco Bear, today.

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