Pico Rivera is located just over 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Pico Rivera has a population of about 63,000 residents. The city is conveniently situated near Los Angeles International Airport.

There has been a considerable amount of redevelopment in Pico Rivera in recent years, including the Pico Rivera Towne Center. The redevelopment is drawing new people to the community, including young families.

The redevelopment within Pico Rivera is expected to continue into the future. This trend is expected to keep the population of the city growing into the foreseeable future.

Divorce and Suicide in Pico Rivera

Despite the many wonderful aspects associated with life in Pico Rivera, there are sad and challenging moments that impact the lives of people in the community. The divorce rate in Pico Rivera is apace with the rest of the nation, at about 50 percent.

Similarly, the suicide rate in the city is comparable to what is experienced across the United States. Based on the anticipated suicide rate, about six to seven residents of Pico Rivera take their lives annually.

Unfortunately, there are divorce cases in Pico Rivera that have ended up involving a suicide as well. The reality is that divorce can be a very traumatic experience for many people.

A fairly recent divorce and suicide in Pico Rivera involved a 73-year old woman who filed against her 68-year old husband. Although the wife wanted to end the marriage, the husband did not. Prior to the suicide, the husband was told by the divorce court that he needed to vacate the marital residence. The house was to go onto the market for sale.

A few days before a scheduled hearing of the divorce case, the husband shot and killed the wife. A few hours later, the husband shot and killed himself. A neighbor reported hearing the second gunshot and contacted law enforcement, who responded to the scene.

When the woman’s aunt heard of the murder-suicide, she succinctly summed the aftermath of the deaths: “It’s just something that you can’t believe is going to happen to you.”

The Aftermath of a Suicide Involving a Firearm

Suicide by firearm provides unique considerations in its aftermath, considerations that are magnified when two deaths are attributed to a gun. Suicide cleanup is a truly challenging task when a firearm is involved. The same holds true for a suicide by knife as well as a suicide by any means that is not immediately discovered.

First of all, the survivors of a suicide need not add to the grief they are experiencing by taking on the added task of suicide cleanup. Second, because suicide cleanup following a firearm death potentially exposes those involved in the process to potentially dangerous bloodborne pathogens.

There are suicide cleanup professionals, also referred to as biohazard cleanup specialists, who can undertake this task. A biohazard cleanup professional can respond to the scene of a suicide promptly, ensuring that the aftermath is remediated efficiently, safely, and thoroughly.

Suicide Grief Support

In many instances, survivors of suicide need to reach out for emotional support and assistance. This can come in the form of support groups. In addition, there are counselors and therapists who provide individual counseling and therapy for survivors of suicide.  Counselors and therapists who provide grief support services, including for survivors of suicide, are:

Dennis Brotman
5200 San Gabriel Place, #E1
Pico Rivera, California 90660
(323) 906-7862

In Pico Rivera, as in other communities, people come together through Meetups to share their experiences following the loss of a loved one to suicide. One resource that is helpful to individuals coming together in support groups is the Survivors of Suicide: Support Group Leaders a Handbook.

Faces of Suicide Honors the Memory of Pico Rivera Residents Who Took Their Lives

One way in which some people are able to address and overcome grief associated with the suicide of loved ones is keeping their memory alive.  Faces of Suicide memorializes the lives of suicide victims from Pico Rivera and elsewhere.

The website serves another purpose. In addition to remembering people from communities including Pico Rivera who took their own lives, the site also strives to lessen the shame that oftentimes is experienced by survivors of suicide as well as by those who attempt to take their own lives.

Suicide Prevention Services

There are organizations that provide suicide prevention services for residents of Pico Rivera. These organizations include:

Hollywood Medical & Mental Health Services
5200 San Gabriel Place, Suite C
Pico Rivera, California 90660
(562) 222-1331

Alma Family Services
6505 Rosemead Boulevard
Pico Rivera, California 90660
(562) 692-1517

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