The city of Pleasanton has done a phenomenal job of handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, it looks as though the community’s work has just begun. At Eco Bear, we’ve been working with Pleasanton business owners and landlords to set up COVID-19 contingency plans. When coronavirus does hit, we here to provide rapid remediation services to those who need it most. 

A Look at the Eco Bear Pleasanton’s COVID-19 Cleaning Company

Eco Bear is proud to offer professional infectious disease remediation services to the Pleasanton community. We employ the industry’s leading infectious disease cleaners. We are also set up to provide 24/7 support to current and prospective customers. 

There’s no telling when or where COVID-19 will hit next. When it does, we want to be there to help our fellow Californians stop this virus dead in its tracks.

Our team of skilled, insured, and bonded cleaners will use state of the art technology to deep clean and disinfect your property. In times of heightened uncertainty and unrest, we’re happy to provide a flicker of hope and reassurance. 

Let’s Work Together to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

At the beginning of 2020, the CDC was just beginning to recognize the threat of the novel coronavirus. We now know that this viral disease can cause symptoms ranging from a faint cough to death. We’ve learned that the coronavirus is spread when an infected person releases respiratory droplets. These droplets can live on surfaces for as long as 17 days. 

Making matters worse, it can take weeks before infected people experience symptoms. In many cases, carriers are completely asymptomatic. Knowing all this, the CDC has issued stringent disease control and prevention requirements. 

Now, business owners and residents must take extreme steps to stop the spread of this stealthy and lethal disease. A single case of confirmed coronavirus is enough to warrant third-party cleaning and disinfecting services. 

At Eco Bear, we feel it is our responsibility to keep our fellow community members and business owners safe and healthy. 

Affordable and Transparent

Eco Bear offers fair and transparent estimates for our coronavirus remediation services. You never have to worry about hidden costs or last-minute fees. 

For more information on our coronavirus cleaning services, give us a call at (818) 358-4359