Known as a city in the greater Los Angeles, California, area, Redlands is home to roughly 71,554 people. Many of these residents enjoy attending the city’s annual events including the Easter Egg Hunt, the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival, and the Redlands Shakespeare Festival. While the city does provide many opportunities for fun, a number of unfortunate events that are in need of excellent biohazardous cleanup services still occur. Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company, a family-owned biohazard cleanup firm in Studio City, California, is always ready to help you with any of the following situations.

Biohazard Cleanup

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that biohazardous waste in the form of many different toxins, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens can pose a major health threat to the public. During the course of any given week, biohazard cleanup is probably needed in Redlands.

Our excellent biohazard cleanup service is typically a comprehensive four-step process that includes containment and cleanup of hazardous substances, sanitization of the affected areas, deodorization of the scene, and restoration of the property to a habitable condition. These important steps require the use of specialized cleaning agents to thoroughly remove bodily fluids, blood, and other biological material as well as approved personal protective equipment to ensure that biohazardous waste is not exposed to anyone throughout the cleanup process.

Feces Cleanup

Human and animal feces are a biohazardous waste, and as a result, the potentially harmful material must be cleaned up properly. If this type of biohazardous waste is not treated professionally, the public could be at risk of life-threatening diseases like rotavirus, hepatitis A, E. coli, and norovirus.

The good news is that our reputable cleaning company can properly remove human and animal feces with specialized equipment and advanced training protocols. Since we understand that residences and businesses cannot afford to leave human and/or animal feces on the property for too long, our professionals arrive at the scene ready to complete the cleanup quickly and efficiently.

Suicide Cleanup

Although the greater Los Angeles area accounts for the lowest suicide rates in California according to a report by RAND Health, suicide is still a problem in Redlands, especially among teens. Between April 13 and 18 of 2016, the city mourned the loss of three young teens including a female teen who died of self-inflicted carbon monoxide poisoning, a male teen who died by hanging, and another female teen who died of a self-induced overdose. These disturbing facts prove that suicide cleanup is absolutely necessary for this area.

Many people are unaware that the cleanup of a suicide that has occurred on a residence or business property is the responsibility of the home or business owner. Because of the traumatic nature of a suicide, family members and business owners should strongly consider hiring a professional suicide cleanup company like Eco Bear to protect their physical and emotional wellbeing. After our experienced professionals perform the suicide cleanup service, we’ll offer you a number of resources for counseling and therapy.

Sharps Cleanup

Sharps are potentially dangerous objects that can pierce the skin if they are not handled correctly. There are many different kinds of sharps used in Redlands, but the most prevalent ones are hypodermic needles, razors, pasteur pipettes, broken glassware, and lancets. To protect the public from harm and abide by federal and state laws, these sharps must be disposed of properly.

When you trust Eco Bear to handle your sharps, we will probably disposed of the potentially dangerous objects at a free sharps disposal program near Redlands. Our professionals are equipped with the necessary training to ensure that proper sharps disposal protocol is always followed.

Biohazard in Vehicle Cleanup

As is the case in almost every city, deaths inside automobiles do sometimes occur in Redlands. The most common types of deaths that occur in the car are homicide, suicide, sudden health issue, and other unattended deaths.

If you discover an unattended death inside a vehicle, you should call our cleaning experts immediately. Our biohazard in vehicle cleanup service consists of a strict protocol to properly remove, disinfect, and dispose of the biohazardous materials such as feces, urine, blood, vomit, and other bodily fluids that are inside the vehicle.

Trust Eco Bear for Proper Biohazardous Cleanup

At Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company, we completely understand the negative effect a biohazard can have on your residence or business. As a result, our company is committed to making the biohazard cleanup service an easy and simple process.

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