Widely known to be one of the best beach towns in California, Redondo Beach is home to a growing population of over 70,000 people. There is an absolute abundance of things to do while you’re living or visit the city. Take a stroll down the Redondo Beach pier, see some of the best art at the gallery JS. No matter what your taste in fun is, Redondo Beach has you covered. However, although the city certainly has plenty to give, many tend to take this a little too literal. As the city grows, so does the number of people hoarding stuff. With that said, oftentimes, after interventions or unfortunate deaths, someone has to come in and declutter the home. It can be a very difficult process to undertake, and thus professionals are the only ones equipped to handle the abundance of items within the home. 

What Is Hoarding & How Bad Does It Get?

 People who hoard are usually characterized as someone who has a lot of stuff. This can be a little confusing as collectors bring large amounts of time. However, unlike collectors, hoarders don’t choose one specific item nor take the time to organize it properly. This issue is also known as hoarding disorder, which, as stated above, are people that tend to save items that most of us would deem useless and simply not worth keeping around. They will usually have an extremely difficult time getting rid of these items to the point where it begins to affect their everyday lives. Suddenly, walking to the kitchen for a simple cup of water becomes a hazardous journey that can take minutes to complete. According to the American Psychiatric Association, 2 to 6 percent of the population will have issues with this disorder, most of them being older males. 

Specific Symptoms of Hoarders 

Contrary to popular belief, the symptoms of a hoarder can usually be spotted rather quickly, and thus, families can take action before it becomes a more severe issue. However, for the purpose of education, the following includes a few of the symptoms of the average hoarder. The first one includes having a history of not being able to throw away even the smallest of items. The second includes ignoring simple sanitation in order to keep their items. This usually then leads the person to ignore or put up with living discomfort to ensure that they don’t throw any of their items away. 

Redondo Beach Hoarder Cleanup Services

As you can probably tell by now, cleaning up a hoarder’s home is not an easy task. Unfortunately, the work requires much more than simply tossing items into a trash can and calling it a day. There are a variety of procedures that need to be performed prior, during, and after the clean up in order to make it a success. Eco bear is perhaps one of the most trusted names in this sector of the cleaning industry. Their expertise goes beyond the physiological mindset of the homeowner but also into the biohazard sector as well. The reality is that hoarders will bring into the home anything they deem useful, and that includes items that may be hazardous to people. These might include old batteries, propane tanks, and medical equipment, to name a few. 

How Eco Bear Works With Homeowners & Families

Eco Bear understands the seriousness of those experiencing hoarding disorder as well as their families. This is why communication between Eco Bear and the family/homeowner is often heavily focused on. This will ensure that the team understands what they are going to face and thus are equipped properly to handle the job. It should also be noted that Eco Bear hoarding cleanup services are available for emergency cleanups. Emergency cleanups usually occur when the homeowner has become severely ill or has injured themselves within the home. 

Eco Bear Is There When a Hoarder Passes Away

A few of the cases that involve family reaching out to Eco Bear is when the family member has passed. Because the area might be riddled with biohazards from items and even the diseased person themselves, families will often need to contact a cleanup service such as Eco Bear. In this case, Eco Bear and the family must then begin to follow proper procedures before anything is touched. The process can be tedious due to legality issues with the state or even police. However, you can rest assured that Ecor Bear has the personal available ready to tackle these complicated issues, thus expediting the cleanup process.