Hoarding disorder affects between 4 and 8 million Americans. A compulsion to acquire items often starts during the teen or young adult years, and it gets stronger as a person gets older. By middle age, years of hoarding behaviors often result in a home or property that is full, difficult to move in, unsanitary or unsafe. If you, a member of your household or family member has hoarding disorder, you’re not alone. Once you recognize how hoarding impacts your safety, health and well-being, you may be ready to make a change in your behavior and your home. However, getting started can be a challenge. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective means to curb hoarding behavior, but you’ll also need to deal with your hoarded property. At Eco Bear, we’re experts in hoarder property cleaning in Riverside County, CA. Safety is our top priority, and we work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure that your home is a comfortable, clean and healthy place to live.

Who Is Affected by Hoarding Disorder

Although anybody can develop hoarding disorder, mental health professionals have found some patterns in who is prone to hoarding behaviors. A person is more likely to develop hoarding disorder if they:

  • Live alone
  • Have a parent or sibling with hoarding disorder
  • Have another mental health condition, such as depression, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Experienced severe personal trauma or chronic trauma
  • Have ever been without essentials
  • Experience impulse control problems
  • Are a perfectionist
  • Procrastinate or have trouble making decisions

Hoarding disorder doesn’t only affect the person who has it. Parents with hoarding disorder often have strained relationships with their children. Minor children of hoarders are at risk of removal by Child Protective Services if the home environment is unsanitary or unsafe. Elders living in a hoarding situation may be removed by adult protective services. Spouses or partners may become frustrated and threaten to leave. Neighbors of hoarders also become frustrated or angry, especially if they can see the hoard or the hoard attracts vermin to the area.

How Hoarding Disorder Affects Your Home

People with hoarding disorder often bring in more items than their home or property can reasonably accommodate. For some people, hoarding disorder is characterized by difficulty with throwing things away. Even if the item is broken, moldy, rusted or rotted, some hoarders are unable to remove it from their home. The accumulation of items makes essential parts of your home inaccessible. You may no longer be able to prepare food in your kitchen or take showers in your bathroom. If an appliance breaks, the toilet leaks or the furnace quits working, the area in need of repair may be inaccessible. Rotted food, pet or human waste or water leaks could cause serious structural problems. Items piled against outlets and vents pose a fire hazard. Blocked doors could make it difficult for you to get out in the event of a fire or medical emergency. 

What Eco Bear Does for You

Eco Bear’s hoarder property cleaning services in Riverside County are designed to remediate all of the effects of hoarding on your home, health and well-being. We’re experts in the safe removal, sanitizing and cleaning of hoarded properties. Our skilled cleaning team begins the process with an assessment. This allows us to understand the size of the hoard and its contents. With this information, we plan the cleanup’s logistics. We handle the delivery and return of dumpsters, coordinate recycling and yard waste hauling. If your hoard includes salvageable or valuable items, we work with local charities and auctioneers. Some hoarded properties are in violation of Riverside County’s building, health or environmental codes. We communicate with the code enforcement officer in order to restore your property so that it’s in compliance with the local requirements.

Which Types of Hoards We Clean

We clean all types and sizes of hoarder properties in Riverside County. We’ve handled many hoarding scenarios, including when a deceased person leaves a hoarded property to a family member or when a tenant with hoarding disorder vacates the property and leaves the hoard behind. We also work with individuals, couples and families dealing with hoarding disorder. Our hoarder property cleaning specialists take on all types of hoards, including those with:

  • Large items, such as boats, campers or non-running vehicles
  • Trash, rotted food or biological waste
  • Household chemicals, mold growth and other hazardous items
  • Antiques, collections and large amounts of consumer or retail goods
  • Pest infestations and pets

Why Our Hoarder Property Cleaning Company in Riverside Is the Right Choice

We understand that the removal of your belongings from your property can be a stressful experience. While you’re welcome to be on-site while we clean the hoard, you don’t have to be. We accommodate special requests. If you’ve lost a necklace or photograph book somewhere in the hoard, we’ll specifically look for it and set it aside for you. Our cleaners have the personal protective equipment, skills and training to safely work in all types of conditions. Some additional reasons to choose Eco Bear’s hoarder property cleaning services in Riverside County:

  • Respect for you and your property
  • Veteran- and women-led company
  • Rapid response and project completion times
  • Coordination of all necessary services
  • Documentation for insurance, health or code enforcement
  • Proper disposal of biological or medical waste and recyclables
  • Coordination with veterinary and pest control professionals

With our team at Eco Bear clearing your hoarded property in Riverside County, you can rest assured knowing that your home will be left clean, sanitary and safe. Our clients count on us for thorough, attentive and professional results. Now is the time to have your hoarder property in Riverside County professionally cleaned so that you can enjoy a comfortable home.