If you are in need of a trusted and reliable homeless encampment cleaning company in Riverside County, California, look no further than Eco Bear. We provide meticulous, cost-effective, and timely cleaning services that focus on biohazard cleanup and mitigation. Take a moment to learn more about why this type of cleaning is necessary and how we go about doing it for our valued clients.

What Is a Homeless Encampment?

Sometimes referred to as a temporary settlement or “tent city,” a homeless encampment can also be considered a makeshift shelter. In order to be considered an encampment, such a location needs to consist of groups of individuals. These “groups” can include a small cluster of people in a fairly contained area. However, some encampments consist of several clusters of homeless individuals and families spaced out across a fairly spacious area that may extend for several blocks.

A homeless settlement or encampment in Riverside County, CA, typically consists of: 

  • Groups of people that come and go randomly
  • An area without access to garbage pickup or reliable sewer service
  • People who often share their shelter with various animals – research suggests this is common among the homeless population

How Can These Sites Present Serious Health and Safety Risks?

Because of the common characteristics mentioned above, homeless encampments in Riverside County and nearby areas can present several serious risks. Uncollected garage, for instance, can attract an assortment of pests, most of which produce biological waste that can be dangerous to humans.

Homeless settlements can also be peppered with an assortment of additional biohazards. Some of these may include: 

  • Urine and feces
  • Needles and other drug-related items
  • Bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Alcohol bottles or containers
  • Broken glass and other sharp objects

Why Not Clean Up Makeshift Shelters in Riverside County Yourself?

It’s understandable to want to tackle cleaning tasks yourself. Under certain conditions, this is perfectly fine and safe. However, cleaning up temporary encampments on your Riverside County home or business property is not your ordinary type of cleaning process. Primarily because of the risk of exposure to the biohazards discussed above, this type of cleanup is best left to the trained professionals at Eco Bear.

We say this because biohazards often contain particles invisible to the naked eye called pathogens. These are substances that make humans very ill upon contact or exposure. In fact, some pathogens contribute to the development of diseases and/or illnesses that can be difficult or even, in some instances, impossible to treat successfully.

Will City or County Officials Clean Things Up?

This is a common assumption some homeowners and business owners have. The reality is that if an encampment is located on private residential or commercial property, it’s usually the Riverside County homeowner or business owner who is responsible for the cleaning. 

That said, not cleaning up an abandoned encampment isn’t a sensible option either. Leaving a temporary settlement alone could present an assortment of legal liabilities. For example, someone walking by an affected site may pursue a personal injury case against you if they trip and fall over clutter or debris. You could also be putting your own employees at risk if you are a business owner and you have your staff do the cleaning.

What Will the Eco Bear Cleaning Team Do?

When you contact us about homeless encampment cleaning services in Riverside County, the first thing we’ll do is evaluate the location. Taking this initial step allows our cleaning professionals to develop and implement a sensible and safe cleanup plan specific to your needs. Generally, our cleaning process for homeless settlements involves basic cleanup followed by appropriate mitigation efforts.

How Do We Remove Biohazards From the Affected Site?

The initial step our local team will take is to remove physical items from the encampment. This includes anything readily visible and accessible. If the encampment was only recently cleared, it may be possible to put uncontaminated items in a nearby location so they can be claimed by the former occupants.

Any items that may be hazardous or contaminated will be placed in biohazard containers or bags. In some instances, bins may be used, especially if the settlement is fairly large. Our main goal with any biological dangers is to safely remove and contain them. We will then make sure the affected items are properly disposed of at designated locations.

What Other Steps Can You Expect Our Cleaning Pros to Take?

Our approach to cleaning up homeless encampments is thorough. We routinely achieve this goal by taking additional steps to mitigate biohazard risks. In other words, just because a former encampment site looks clean doesn’t mean there still aren’t potential dangers present. Two additional steps that may be taken during the cleaning process are briefly discussed below: 

  • Sanitization: Special cleaning products are used to properly sanitize all areas of the former encampment. What this does is reduce the risk of exposure to dangerous pathogens for anyone who may be in the affected area post cleaning.
  • Deodorization/odor removal: If necessary, cleaning products that remove odors may be used. This is an additional step that may be done if there are persistent odors after the initial cleaning efforts.

Fast, Efficient Homeless Encampment Cleaning in Riverside County, CA

Eco Bear is the locally based cleaning company you can count on for reliable results. Regardless of how big or small the job may be, our cleaning team will take the steps necessary to restore the affected location.

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