San Bernardino, Calif., has one of the highest crime rates in the United States with violent acts such as armed robbery and murder. After a crime occurs in a home, vehicle or on the street, there is a mess that is left behind for others to clean. You may never have considered the problems that are associated with a biohazard cleanup process, but it requires specialized methods to prevent additional problems. Most individuals don’t understand what to do after a disaster occurs so that the area is safe and clean to use again.

Biohazard Cleaning Is a Specialized Process

When you or a loved one has suffered from a crime, the last thing that you will want to do is clean the mess caused by the situation. However, this is what many people must do unless they contact a professional company with experts who understand how to cope with the dangerous sharp debris and body fluids in the area. To avoid the dangers from broken glass, needles or blood on the floor and other areas, you should contact a company that specializes in biohazard cleanups. Here are some of the types of specialty cleaning that you might need after a crime or an accident.

Cleaning Up After Emergency Medical Care

When an individual needs emergency medical care at the scene of a vehicular accident or at home due to a health problem, the paramedics must work quickly to assist a patient. This can lead to an assortment of debris on the ground or floor from the procedures. As the patient is taken away in an ambulance, the scene that is left behind is a mess. You might see syringes, sharps and plastic tubes that are covered with body fluids that can contain dangerous pathogens. You shouldn’t try to pick up dirty medical equipment with your bare hands, but an expert will have the tools required to remove these items along with containerizing the dirty things for proper disposal in a safe location.

The Removal of Body Waste After a Disaster

Body waste cleanups are often required after a crime, and the removal of urine or feces is a job for an expert. When you contact a biohazard expert, make sure to tell them what is at the scene of an accident or a crime so that they are prepared with the correct equipment. Feces and urine cleanups require having disposable gloves, sponges, and mops along with chemicals that will destroy the remaining pathogens. With the right sanitizers and tools, it is possible for the technicians to return the area to a safe environment.

Suicide Cleaning Processes

When there is a suicide, there are often several types of dangerous items in the area, including blood splatters on the walls or body waste on the floors. The paramedics who arrive at the scene will use medical devices to try and revive a patient, and this can lead to having needles, medication vials, and fluids in the area. Some of these fluids are unrecognizable, and items such as mattresses or carpets are dangerous to use or walk on. Before damaged bedding or carpeting is thrown away, the items require special wrapping so that the items do not contaminate the other things in a home or a business.

Biohazard Vehicle Cleanups

Biohazard situations can occur in vehicles, and to save the automobile, you will need a knowledgeable cleaner. Contact your vehicle insurance company to determine if there is coverage for vehicle cleaning after an accident or a crime. The technicians can take photographs or videos of the damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle to provide documentation to your insurance provider. These experts know how to remediate a vehicle to remove broken debris from damaged windows along with medical supplies such as needles. They will also sanitize the vehicle to eliminate the pathogens from body fluids such as feces, urine, and blood.

Photo Courtesy of Matty Ring.

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