San Fernando is reasonably safe compared to other areas of California, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to violent crime and the type of crime scenes that require professional cleanup by biohazard cleanup companies like Eco Bear. In fact, murders and assaults often leave tragic and very hazardous crime scenes that require our services. Crime scene cleanup is a critical part of providing our community with an invaluable service that makes a difference to the world. We fervently wish there were no crime scenes in San Fernando and that this service was never needed, but that’s not the world we live in. Competent and thorough crime scene cleanup is an essential part of keeping San Fernando clean and hospitable. 

Types of Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Crime scenes are often intricate and very specific to each crime. No two scenes will look alike, and therefore your professional crime scene service must be able to adapt to new and unforeseen elements of the scene that may not have been part of any other scene in history. Our highly skilled and compassionate professionals are adept at thinking on their feet and dealing with unique crime scene circumstances. Over the years, we’ve worked with crime scenes that involve:

  • Homicdes
  • Suicides
  • Blood 
  • Industrial accidents 
  • Disease sanitation and prevention

Violent crime scenes are usually the most involved and unpleasant crime scenes. They may entail human feces, blood, sweat, saliva, and other bodily fluids that no average citizen should ever have to see or encounter. The foul odor of decomposition and other tragic odors that accompany a crime scene are also something we encounter and resolve in our crime scene cleanup services in San Fernando.

Professional and Compassionate Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup is one of the most intricate cleanup services in biohazard cleanup. When you consider everything that is left behind after a violent crime, it’s easy and sad to see why. You often have odors and blood left over after violent crime, even if a coroner has already removed the body. The clutter and sometimes violent struggle during the crime leaves behind human fluids and other hazardous materials that Eco bear will take care of completely for you.

We work for both individual families, police organizations, and commercial entities that require this type of cleanup. The needs of each will differ. For example, a police organization needs us to be up to date on all laws and regulations as we perform the cleanup and will express mostly concern with this. Their needs will differ from heartbroken family members who need sanitation and cleanup after the suicide of a loved one. Businesses will be concerned both with the human toll of the crime and also how discreet the cleanup is so that it does not affect their reputation and commercial enterprise.

We work tirelessly to meet the needs of specific types of people we work for. No two crime scenes are alike, and no two entities we work with will have the same outlook and needs. It’s our goal to always communicate clearly with the people we serve as we work hard to make sure that you get more than you expect from us. The extra compassion, the extra attention to your business needs, or the extra cooperation with police authorities are all part of the “little extra” we offer and understand.

The Right Tools for the Job

No biohazard cleanup company that doesn’t keep up with modern regulations or industrial equipment will be complete or capable of performing the work you need. As such, as work to hire people who are both educated and experienced in the field of crime scene cleanup. By hiring a different array of professionals, we’re able to put the right people on the job and then give them the industrial grade disinfectants, solvents, and hardware to do their job properly. The people we hire are experts, and that is part of their background that we appreciate, but we also make sure that we hire professionals who never forget that they are working for human beings first and foremost. They are as skilled at dealing compassionately and professionally with people as they are at cleaning up violent crime scenes with messy blood splatter. 

Eco Bear offers San Fernando customers with a level of expertise that exceeds expectations, but each of the people who work for us also have the equipment they need to completely and thoroughly perform their job. We make sure that all of our equipment is up to date and right for the job. It gives both our customers and our experts a lot of confidence to go into every challenging crime scene with the right tools.

Contact Eco Bear in San Fernando

We invite you to contact us whenever you need a caring, compassionate, and expert biohazard cleanup company. We’re locally owned and active in our community, always remembering that the work we do may be messy, but it’s also invaluable to the community. If left uncleaned and hazardous, a modern crime scene might spread disease, cause psychological distress, and even injury to the people in the community. By providing our service, we don’t just give ourselves a life’s mission and livelihood, but we constantly better the community of San Fernando. That’s something we’re very proud of and always will be. If you need a professional crime scene cleanup company, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience and let us give you peace of mind and a timely strategy for coping with your crime scene. We’re available always to take care of your needs.