Hoarding disorder affects between 2% and 6% of adults around the world. Mental health experts explain that there are three main components that make up hoarding disorder. They include:

  • Obsessive or compulsive acquisition of more items
  • Inability to get rid of items, even if they’re rotted or ruined
  • Distress at the idea of getting rid of items or no longer getting more items

After many years of acquiring more items and not getting rid of anything, a home and property become full. The items make areas unusable, unsanitary and unsafe. Eco Bear is a women- and veteran-led team of professional cleaners. We offer complete hoarder property cleaning in San Fernando, CA, and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re a property owner, family member who inherited a deceased hoarder’s property or you’re living with hoarding disorder, we’re ready to help you clear the property so that you can enjoy, live in or sell it.

Who Lives With Hoarding Disorder

Anyone can be affected by hoarding disorder. Some factors that make you more likely to develop this mental health condition include:

  • Over the age of 50
  • Co-existing mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression
  • Family member with hoarding disorder

Men and women develop hoarding disorder at the same rate. For many people, the early symptoms of hoarding disorder develop during the child or teenage years. You might have been a messy child or had problems with organizing your belongings. As a person with hoarding disorder gets older, the compulsive acquisition of more items begins to take over their thoughts, energy and space. The condition can be severe by the time a person reaches middle age. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a recommended treatment for hoarding disorder.

Hoarding disorder isn’t the same thing as collecting. A person with a collection typically focuses on one category or type of items, such as Hummel figurines or Topps baseball cards. Collectors give their items a place of honor in their homes. They organize the collection, proudly display it and look forward to showing it off to their guests. Collectors love to talk about their collections, and they may socialize with people who collect the same types of items.

People with hoarding disorder don’t take pride in their belongings. They often feel embarrassed and distressed by the accumulation of items in their homes. People with hoarding disorder don’t allow people into their homes, and they don’t tell people what their homes are like. Many people with hoarding disorder cover up the condition of their homes until the situation is dire. Eco Bear’s team of cleaners can handle any size of hoarded property in San Fernando.

How Hoarding Disorder Impacts a Person’s Life

Hoarding disorder impacts every part of a person’s life. If you’re living with hoarding disorder, doing simple things in your home will be a hassle and source of frustration. Just getting dressed might involve digging through piles or climbing over stacks of items. Preparing a meal may be equally challenging, especially if your appliances aren’t accessible or functional.

The inability to host friends or family has an impact on your social life. If you aren’t able to reciprocate on invitations, people may stop including you. The inability to allow people into your home may lead to appliance, electrical, heating, cooling or plumbing problems. Your fixtures or appliances may be broken, leading to discomfort and a more dysfunctional home.

When most of your energy is taken by the hoard, your mood and well-being can suffer. You may feel anxious about acquiring more items or worried that you’ve misplaced an items. Hoarding also has serious financial impacts. You may spend money you don’t have on shopping trips, storage for the hoard or buying extras of things you already have but can’t find.

Impacts of Hoarding Disorder on a Home

Hoarding has serious consequences on a home. The piles, stacks and strewn items are a fire hazard. If you become ill, paramedics will not be able to get their equipment through the hoarded property. Hoards that include food, waste or paper are attractive to pests. If you hoard pets, their waste may cause structural damage to the home. When the hoard prevents home repairs, your pipes or roof could leak. 

Hoarding disorder also puts your home in violation of San Fernando health and building codes. You could end up being evicted, fined or jailed due to the property’s condition. Your neighbors may become angry and frustrated if your hoarded property attracts vermin or if the hoard is visible from their property.

Why Professional Hoarder Property Cleaning in San Fernando Is a Smart Choice

Hoarded properties contain so many items that it’s impossible for you or a small group of untrained people to handle it. Our skilled cleaning team at Eco Bear knows how to safely work around hazards within the hoard. Some other reasons to choose us:

  • Rapid response and completion time
  • Affordable pricing
  • Thorough work
  • Licensed and bonded for complete hoarder property remediation in California
  • Compassionate and respectful treatment

About Eco Bear’s Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

We begin with a site assessment of the San Fernando hoarded property. We use the information to plan the number of cleaners and how many dumpsters we’ll need. Our site inspection also allows us to learn what’s in the hoard. If necessary, we’ll arrange for other professionals, such as Humane Society and veterinary assistance for hoards with pets or local pest control services for hoards with cockroaches, mice or other vermin. We provide proof of our services for code enforcement and your insurance company.