The anatomy of a crime scene is a highly specialized area that highly trained professionals in law enforcement process and scour for evidence. Aside from the criminal element of a crime scene, though, is the very messy and human side of things as well. The professionals here at Eco Bear in San Gabriel are the best people to call for this element of the crime scene. Because crime scenes are usually polluted with messy clutter, biohazardous material, and many other unpleasant things that the general public and law enforcement aren’t qualified or even inclined to handle. We step in to make sure that the crime scene is sanitized and left in pre-crime condition.

San Gabriel Crime Facts

San Gabriel is a relatively safe place to live compared to many other U.S. cities, but it’s still not immune to the ugly side of life. Homicides, suicides, and assaults occur in San Gabriel each year, often leaving tragic and dangerous areas that need Eco Bear service. Some of the most common crimes in San Gabriel include rape, robbery, assault, and larceny (by far the most common during most of the year in San Gabriel). Each of these crime scenes have unique cleanup strategies that need professional PPE and strategy in order to sanitize and make the area safe again.

If a crime was committed in a private residence, there are singular challenges to this situation. For example, a suicide or homicide is commonly carried out in a home. The home itself is not a permanent part of the investigation. Detectives and law enforcement personnel will remove the criminal elements of the crime and then leave the rest of the room in its dangerous state. It’s not necessarily the job of a police department to clean up a crime scene of all biohazards. They simply remove evidence and important objects from the crime. Eco Bear fills in this gap and ensures that the rooms inside a home are restored to their pre-crime state.

Crime Scene Cleanup Strategy

There are four major parts of crime scene cleanup that Eco Bear carries out. The first part involves general cleanup of debris and objects that don’t belong in the room. Examples of debris might include unwanted papers, objects, and trash that simply don’t belong in the area and might contain odor or residue from the crime.

During the next phase, sanitation, Eco Bear will scour the room and clean it with industrial grade cleaners. This can be a particularly challenging part of the cleanup, as many crime scenes leave stains and human material such as blood and saliva behind at the scene (these elements of a crime scene will usually leave a unique and unwanted odor). We don’t stop until your home or commercial building is completely rid of the unsanitary aspects of the crime perpetrated within its walls.

Because of the odors that a crime leaves behind, we always do a thorough deodorization of the area. Deodorization involves more than just spraying air fresheners. A thorough, professional odor removal strategy includes identifying unpleasant odors, finding their source, and then using decontamination to get to the root of the odors and eliminate them. For example, products such as BotaniClean and Milgo Plus are popular ways to remove blood and body fluids from objects and surfaces. We aren’t limited to just these two products, but they give you a good example of the techniques we use to remove odor.

Finally, we perform restoration of the entire area. First, a quick re-survey will be performed so that we can pinpoint any areas we may have missed. Consider it a quick “proofreading” of our prior work to ensure absolute perfection. During this phase, we may take even further steps to ensure that the area is now clear of all crime scene debris, odors, and unsanitary conditions. We work tirelessly until the crime scene is no longer a crime scene any longer. Eco Bear makes sure that we leave rooms, homes, and commercial buildings in their original pre-crime state. 

Ultra Modern Equipment and Techniques

No matter how much a professional knows about crime scene cleanup, there is always something new to learn or another product that will be of use in the battle to restore crime scenes to their original state. As such, as make sure that our already highly trained employees are well-versed on all modern crime scene cleanup techniques. They learn through hundreds of crime scene restoration projects, but they also are always encouraged to attend additional educational seminars to learn new techniques. 

Eco Bear’s team works with hazardous materials, and as such, we make sure that our crew always has the most modern PPE (personal protective equipment) gear. They’re given uniforms, googles, gloves, masks, and many other common crime scene gear to make sure that they’re safe and keep everyone else around them safe while they work.

Call Eco Bear Today

If you want thorough, prompt, and professional crime scene cleanup services, please contact Eco Bear today. You can write to us with questions, call us, or get in touch with us in person at our local offices. The team here serves many people just like you throughout the year. We work with law enforcement agencies, businesses, and personal victims of crime. Whatever your needs concerning crime scene cleanup, we strongly encourage you to get in touch with us. We’ll make sure to get your job done right.