In recent times, the residents of San Jose wake up and feel as if they’ve tumbled into some sort of different dimension. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned life in San Jose upside down. Sadly, there remains a considerable amount of uncertainty as to when a sense of more normality will return to our community. What is clear is that we all must aggressively protect ourselves against the coronavirus, including eliminating it from our homes or businesses if a COVID-19 contamination has occurred. This includes engaging a trusted COVID-19 cleaning company in San Jose, California. In this regard, the experienced, well-equipped team at Eco Bear stands ready to address all of your COVID-19 cleaning needs in a timely, safe manner.

You can schedule an immediate appointment with the skilled Eco Bear San Jose COVID-19 cleaning team. You can reach us any time of the day or night, every day of the year, by calling (818) 358-4359.

The Spread of COVID-19 Throughout San Jose

As is the case in nearly all parts of the United States, COVID-19 gained a dangerous foothold in San Jose and has begun spreading. Businesses of various types, homeowners, landlords, and others are now all faced with the prospect of having their properties contaminated with this potentially fatal virus.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are a pair of primary ways in which COVID-19 appears to infect people. First, you can become infected with COVID-19 by having a person to person contact with an already infected individual. This can happen if droplets land on you if such an individual coughs or sneezes. This is why the CDC has recommended a six feet buffer zone between you and anyone else.

A reality about COVID-19 is that a good number of people may only experience mild symptoms or none at all. Thus, it is possible for people to infect others without even knowing they are ill in the first instance.

More recently, the CDC has recommended the use of face coverings to shield your own mouth and nose. This isn’t intended so much to keep you safe from others, but to block any spray you might unintentionally expel from your mouth or nose. There is a growing amount of data that suggests that when more people where cloth masks or other types of mouth and nose coverings, the spread of coronavirus does slow.

The second way in which COVID-19 spreads if via contact with a contaminated surface or object. For example, if a person sneezes or coughs and droplets are expelled, these drops can end up on a surface like a counter or on some type of object. We do know that COVID-19 has the capacity for surviving on various types of surfaces (or objects) for different periods of time, depending on the material comprising a surface or object.

This second set of circumstances is the type of situation in which a San Jose COVID-19 cleaning company becomes of vital assistance. Because of the unique challenges of decontaminating a home or business once it has been contaminated by COVID-19, professional assistance by an infectious disease remediation specialist like Eco Bear is the recommended course of action. This is discussed in a bit more detail shortly.

How a COVID-19 Infection Impacts a Person’s Body and Health

A yet precisely determined number of people infected with COVID-19 end up seriously ill. They require hospitalization, typically in an intensive care unit. An alarming percentage of individuals who require hospitalization must be put on a ventilator. Early data suggests that 80 percent of those patients that must be put on a ventilator will die. This information is conveyed not to alarm you, but to underscore the serious nature of COVID-19 contamination in your business or home.

Fully Protect Your Love Ones and Others From COVID-19

If you’ve had an individual in your business or home that is infected with COVID-19, the stark reality is that there is only one sure way to ensure that the premises are completely safe. This is accomplished through professional remediation by the tenacious team at Eco Bear, the industry leading San Jose COVID-19 cleaning company. Our family and veteran-owned company is a local business. We’re not a cog in a sprawling corporation; rather, we’re your neighbors and part of the community.

Each of team members have extensive backgrounds in all aspects of biohazard cleanup, including eradicating the dangerous COVID-19 virus from businesses, homes, rental properties, and other locations.

Another key reason why Eco Bear stands out from the pack is because we charge the most reasonable fee in the industry for COVID-19 cleaning, including at business and residential locations. You will receive an accurate, reliable estimate before we begin work. You will never be charged any additional fees, which happens with regularity with other services.

If you’re worried about your business, home, or rental property, having been contaminated by COVID-19 – putting you and others at serious risk – call us at (818) 358-4359. We can be on location at your business, home, or rental property immediately. The simple fact is that the Eco Bear team is here for you during these challenging times.