It looks like a scene from a dystopian film. The city of 90,553, normally bustling with activity, is largely silent. Libraries have closed, businesses shuttered, and schools are closed. The abandoned streets are in an effort to control the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The new disease has spread like wildfire and has become a global pandemic in just a few short months.

San Leandro is banding together during this time of need. The City of San Leandro has launched a new online volunteer hub that allows people to volunteer where ever they are most needed, and the silent streets themselves are a kind of social empathy San Leandro is well known for.

Limiting the spread of COVID-19 is critical to saving as many lives as possible. This means staying home and frequently washing our hands, but also making sure the buildings we use are safe and free from contamination.

Eco Bear is an experienced COVID-19 cleaning service in San Leandro. An independently owned and operated business, they know how to handle the most challenging of circumstances, including the removal of bio-hazardous materials. They have worked to clean up crime scenes, accidental death sites, and have handled many cases involving infectious diseases.

If someone has visited your business or home before later testing positive for COVID-19, it’s likely that they shed the virus onto surfaces in the building while they were there. For the safety of those who used the building, a professional should be called to render the building safe.

What We Know About COVID-19

The novel Coronavirus is dangerous because, in part, it is so new. We don’t know much about it compared to other diseases such as influenza or measles. On top of this, most people are not immune to it since their immune system has never encountered it before. While much is still up in the air about the coronavirus, here is what we do know about it:

  • It is highly infectious
  • It can be transmitted to others by person-to-person contact, and through touching contaminated surfaces.
  • Even asymptomatic people can transmit it
  • The WHO estimates there is a 3.4% mortality rate

Although most of the people who contract COVID-19 will be fine, some who contract it will not. In order to protect our communities from harm, the best thing to do is to practice self distancing, stay at home as much as possible, and to clean contaminated buildings immediately whenever possible.

How Can a COVID-19 Cleaning Company Help?

The truth is that if your residence or place of business has been contaminated by COVID-19, the building must be carefully and thoroughly cleaned with sanitizers capable of destroying viruses, and specialized procedures that ensure no trace is missed.

Eco Bear is a local business that prides itself on offering affordable COVID-19 disinfection services. Our business is independently owned and operated by a husband and wife team. If your location has been contaminated by COVID-19 and needs to be disinfected, our biohazard cleaning company is here to help.