San Mateo is a bustling community of over 100,000 people. This family-friendly area has a rich history and is well-known for being located close to the headquarters of Facebook, Google, and Oracle. Job opportunities at these large companies as well as the strong sense of community in the area draw people from all over to settle in San Mateo. 

Life has been disrupted for many residents of San Mateo by the coronavirus. Restaurants have been shut down, parks have been closed, and many people in the area are out of work. City and state officials have been working hard to help the community during this uncertain time. One example of their dedication can be seen in a decision made on May 4 to reopen some of the county parks. 

Thirteen trails are being reopened to visitors as long as residents follow strict social distancing guidelines. Everyone who hikes the trails must stay six feet away from other guests and carry face coverings. Restrooms, playgrounds, visitor centers, and campgrounds are still closed to the public, but at least now residents of San Mateo can take advantage of nature trails in their community again.

As of May 6, city officials were also working on a plan that would help local restaurants open back up to customers. The proposal is to close part of the street near the restaurants so they can set up outdoor seating that complies with the six feet social distancing rule. With this “dine-in” option, restaurants would be able to serve alcohol and welcome customers back to their businesses. 

The City of San Mateo is dedicated to helping business owners as well as residents through this difficult time. On top of reopening trails and making plans for restaurant services, the city also ordered a moratorium banning residential and commercial evictions. Current tenants all over the city of San Mateo are facing hardships due to the Coronavirus and are struggling to afford rent. The city supports a significant number of small businesses and almost half of San Mateo’s residents are renters, so the moratorium restricting evictions has saved a lot of people in the area from greater stress. 

San Mateo will hopefully see even more businesses opening back up as the state moves forward with Phase 2 of its reopening plan. Reopening establishments is beneficial for the city’s economy, but COVID-19 is a serious concern for business owners in the area. Customers may be excited about businesses opening back up but they still want to know companies are following safety guidelines established by the state. More than that, customers want to be reassured business owners are doing everything possible to limit the spread of the virus. 

Coronavirus in San Mateo

As of May 5, San Mateo County had 1,371 cases of coronavirus. The lack of information and understanding of this virus makes it scary and difficult to contain. The best course of action for prevention and slowing transmission is to be well-informed about the latest findings.  

According to the World Health Organization, COVID-19 is spread by droplets of infected fluid, typically released when someone coughs, sneezes, or even exhales. These droplets of fluid land on nearby surfaces or objects such as desks, tables, counters, or phones. When another person touches the contaminated surface or object and then touches their own eye, nose, or mouth, they could potentially catch the virus. 

It’s up to the residents of San Mateo to make sure they’re following safety guidelines by regularly washing their hands, wearing masks, and social distancing. Everyone has to work together to keep coronavirus cases from rising. One way for business owners in San Mateo to do their part is to make sure their stores are properly cleaned before reopening. 

Professional Cleaning Services

The best way to ensure a space is sterilized is to enlist the services of a professional cleaning company like EcoBear Biohazard Cleaning Company. Professional sanitization of your store will eliminate any infectious virus that has been lingering on your counters and surfaces. Through the use of medical-grade chemicals, the Eco Bear sanitization process eliminates dangerous bacteria or viruses. This renders any previously contaminated space safe, as defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Show customers its safe to shop your store by letting them know you’ve had a professional cleaning service sanitize your business. A thorough cleaning will help people feel safer at your businesses because they’ll know you’ve taken all of the steps possible to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.