Eco Bear is the leading Santa Clarita COVID-19 cleaning company providing comprehensive services to businesses, landlords, residential, and other types of property owners in your community. We can be reached day or night at (818) 358-4359. The stark reality is that as a result of the novel coronavirus, our normal life in Santa Clarita has been upended. Our primary focus needs to be on protecting our families, workers, business patrons, neighbors, and our community as a whole from this potentially deadly infection. A main component of that vital effort is drawing a proactive line in the sand against COVID-19 contamination.

About the Eco Bear Santa Clarita COVID-19 Cleaning Company

Eco Bear is a local, family-owned business. Founded by a woman entrepreneur with an eye on the needs of the community and a veteran who continues his service by protecting Santa Clarita and other California communities from dangers and potentially fatal biohazards, Eco Bear is here for you. Our team of infectious disease remediation specialists are committed to ensuring that essential businesses continue operations and other enterprises are able to safely get back up and running during the challenging era dominated by the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each member of our team is fully bonded and insured. They are not only experienced in the ins and outs of effective, thorough infectious disease remediation, with a sharp focus on coronavirus eradiation, but they have also mastered all crucial safety techniques and practices as well.

Even in these challenging times, the Eco Bear team utilizes the latest personal protective equipment or PPE. In addition, all remediation jobs are undertaken in a manner that fully secures the safety of anyone associated with a business, school, governmental agency, residence, or other location as we about the remediation process. 

In addition to having a top-notch crew of coronavirus cleaning and disinfection specialists, Eco Bear stands apart from the pack of corporate cleaning companies because of its commitment to fair, reasonable, and transparent pricing. The bottom line is that the fee charged by the Eco Bear nearly always is about 50% less than the competition.

We accomplish proving more in the way of service at a truly reasonable price through our transparent pricing. First, we provide you a reliable, complete cost estimate before we begin a job. Second, there are never any hidden fees or 11th hour added costs when Eco Bear undertakes a COVID-19 leaning and disinfection job. 

About Coronavirus Contamination

COVID-19 is highly contagious and spreads in two primary ways:

  • Person to person contact
  • Contamination of surfaces and objects at a location an infected person visited or spent even a minimal amount of time

The symptoms of a COVID-19 infection have the potential to be severe, as is discussed shortly. COVID-19 can live on surfaces and objects for a yet to be confirmed period of time. There is even some evidence that COVID-19 survived on surfaces and objects for 17 days. As long as COVID-19 remains viable or alive on a surface or object, the potential exists for it being spread to an innocent person. 

About Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection

The Eco Bear Santa Clarita COVID-19 cleaning company utilizes the latest equipment and associated technology together with EPA-approved medical-grade disinfecting agents. These resources work to ensure that a contaminated business, residence, or other location is returned or maintained in a fully safe, usable condition. 

About COVID-19 Symptoms

Keeping abreast of the latest news regarding symptoms of a COVID-19 infection is important. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the global list of symptoms, and their rate of occurrence is:

  • Fever – 88% of U.S. cases
  • Dry cough – 66% of U.S. cases
  • Fatigue – 38% of U.S. cases
  • Phlegm – 33% of U.S. cases
  • Shortness of breath – 19% of U.S. cases
  • Joint pain – 15% of U.S. cases
  • Sore throat – 14% of U.S. cases
  • Headache – 14% of U.S. cases
  • Chills – 11% of cases
  • Runny nose – 5% of U.S. cases
  • Vomiting – 4% of U.S. cases
  • Diarrhea – 4% of U.S. cases

A considerable percentage of COVID-19 infections occur in people that show no symptoms whatsoever. In the alternative, they may experience only minor symptoms. Unlike some viral infections and diseases, COVID-19 can be spread by a person who shows no symptoms. This makes it particularly challenging to track and control COVID-19. 

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% to 12% of infected people will end up in need of significant medical intervention. This can include being placed in an intensive care unit. It can mean being placed on a ventilator as a means of keeping an infected individual alive. 

As mentioned earlier, the Eco Bear team can be reached around the clock, 365 days a year, at (818) 358-4359. We are ready and able to provide you immediate assistance with an issue associated with COVID-19.