Life in Santa Monica is quite different in 2020 when contrasted with the state of affairs a year ago. Indeed, things in the community changed drastically only a matter of weeks ago because of the various significant steps that need to be taken to control the spread of COVID-19 and protect our community and the people in it. As part of those efforts, we are experiencing a stay at home directive. We are practicing social distancing. And we must employ strategies to keep our businesses, homes, and other locations safe and free from coronavirus contamination. Eco Bear is working closely with business owners, homeowners, and others to ensure properties are COVID-19 free. We are the leading Santa Monica COVID-19 cleaning company ready to ensure your property is safe. You can reach us at any time at (818) 358-4359.

Protecting Your Business, Home, or Other Property (and the People in It)

COVID-19 is highly contagious

COVID-19 can also be fatal. 

We are only now coming to a better understanding of the extent of harm and reach of COVID-19. What we have learned thus far is that we must be as proactive as possible in preventing its spread. Part of this strategy is to protect against property contamination by COVID-19.

Eco Bear provides Santa Monica businesses and other types of premises with comprehensive coronavirus cleaning and disinfection. As will be discussed in greater detail in a moment, if your business is in operation, or if you hope to have it up and running before long, you need to be proactive when it comes to addressing the potential for COVID-19 contamination at your location. Indeed, for different reasons, the same need for proactivity holds true for homeowners who may have had someone on the premises who may have been infected with coronavirus. Schools, churches, motels, and a broad spectrum of other types of establishments need to be alert to the need for proactively addressing the possibility of COVID-19 contamination.

Eco Bear: Infectious Disease Remediation Specialists at the COVID-19 Cleaning Company Santa Monica

Eco Bear was founded and is run by a dedicated, community-focused woman entrepreneur and a veteran who returned from his time in the military instilled with an ongoing commitment to continue to serve others. Together, they’ve built Eco Bear into the leading independent, locally owned biohazard cleaning company serving Santa Monica and other Southern California communities. The company takes on the most challenging biohazard remediation work. In addition to eradicating infectious diseases, Eco Bear remediates biohazards arising from challenging situations like violent crimes, suicides, unattended deaths, drug overdoses, rodent infestations, and hoarding. 

Being locally owned, Eco Bear and its team members truly are part of the community. What happens in Santa Monica, what happens in Southern California, happens to us. Every member of the Eco Bear team has extensive experience in infectious disease remediation, with a sharp focus on coronavirus cleaning and disinfection. All infectious disease and biohazard remediation specialists at Eco Bear are fully licensed and bonded.

We provide comprehensive Santa Monica COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection services using the latest equipment and technology together with EPA-approved, medical-grade sanitization agents. We ensure that COVID-19 is eradicated from your business, home, or other location. Because of our work, your business, home, rental property, or other premises is safe and fully usable. 

Transparent, Fair Santa Monica COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection Pricing

Unlike our competition – corporations and franchises headquartered in distant locations – we undertake our services at reasonable, transparent prices. As a local Santa Monica COVID-19 cleaning company, before we begin work on protecting your business, home, rental property, or other location from coronavirus, we provide you with a thorough, reliable estimate. There are never any additional charges or hidden fees associated with our work. The same cannot be said about the competition. 

Eco Bear never requires advance payment for services. Rather, we don’t bill you until remediation work is completed at your property and you’ve had the chance to fully inspect what we have done for you. 

The fact is this: Our fee for ensuring your business is in a safe, COVID-free condition usually is about 50% less than the competition. 

Santa Monica COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection Company Rapid Response Team

Like many business owners in operation at the present time, as well as businesses beginning to prepare for reopening, you have legitimate concerns about ensuring that your property is COVID-free. Of course, the same objective holds true for homeowners, landlords, and others. Understanding the importance of directly and immediately addressing the possibility of coronavirus contamination, we’ve established a Santa Monica COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection rapid response team. You call us at (818) 358-4359 at any time of the day or night. 

We can be at your business, rental property, home, or any other property to undertake COVID-19 remediation. We truly do understand that time is of the essence. We are here for you – to ensure the optimal safety of your business, rental property, or home.