The last thing that most people ever think about when it comes to Santa Monica is hoarder house cleanup. This idyllic, beachfront town is filled with some of the most beautiful residential real estate in the country. People here are proud homeowners, and they do everything to make sure that their homes look as amazing and as beautiful as possible. When a hoarder house enters the midst, things can get very tricky for the entire neighborhood.

Hoarder houses don’t just affect the actual hoarder house. They can infect and affect the entire neighborhood, bringing down the value of every single home in the vicinity. For this and many other reasons, proper hoarder house cleanup is extremely necessary.

How does a regular house turn into a hoarder house?

Hoarder houses don’t start out that way. A hoarder is someone who finds it difficult if not impossible to get rid of anything. They accumulate the most random items, and they keep every single one of them. These items range from the most necessary items to the most useless ones. 

After a while, the hoarder’s house starts to get too full. They may have initially focused on stocking up their items in a single room. Once that room got too full, they moved on to the next room. Ultimately, every single room in the house gets filled with junk.

As the rooms become overcrowded with junk, it becomes impossible to keep the house clean, so the entire space slides into disrepair. Even bathrooms and kitchens no longer serve their original purposes. Rotting food, dirty dishes that haven’t been clean for months, animal waste, and backed-up sewer systems are all very commonplace in hoarder houses.

Why should someone call a hoarder house cleaning company?

There are many reasons that someone should work with a hoarder house cleaning company.

They are ready to heal from hoarding

Hoarding is a serious mental health condition. Getting over the compulsion to hoard can take a lot of therapy and a lot of time. Once a person has gone through the hardest part of therapy, they may begin to see the house for what it is. This is when they’ll be ready to call in a hoarder house cleaning company to help them restore their homes to their original condition.

Someone has bought a hoarder house

Hoarder houses are very frequently put on the market at reduced prices. This is because many people are afraid to deal with the cleanup that would be involved in hoarder house cleanup. They know that the work will take a lot of time and effort, and they’re not exactly sure that it will be worth it in the end. For a person who has bought a new hoarder house “as is”, getting professional cleaning help makes the most sense. Not only will they be able to restore the house to its original condition, but they’ll be able to ensure that the house is actually safe for habitation.

Preventing an eviction

If a hoarder house is deemed risky to public health, the city may get involved and demand that the house be cleaned and brought up to code. If it isn’t, the tenants of the home could be permanently removed from the home. This is enough of an incentive for many people to get help from a company that has experience cleaning hoarder properties.

Why should you get a professional hoarder house cleaning company to clean up a hoarder house?

It doesn’t matter how many times people have watched the television show Hoarders. Some of them still believe that they would be able to handle hoarder house cleaning themselves. Once they get to the property, they realize just how impossible the task could be.

One of the biggest reasons that it makes sense to hire a professional hoarder house cleaning company is because of the type of waste that you find on site. Hoarder houses are filled with biohazardous waste and other types of infectious waste. This type of waste is very dangerous because it contains pathogens that can cause severe illnesses in humans. Pathogens are the microorganisms that cause diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis A, and HIV.

Some of this noxious waste includes rotting food that’s been sitting in kitchen cupboards and broken refrigerators for months. It includes the animal carcasses of pets that have died and whose bodies have been left in the house. It sounds like something out of a nightmare, but this type of thing actually happens. This is because as hoarding disorder gets worse, basic human practices like hygiene are thrown out the window. Pretty soon the entire home becomes a petri dish of microorganisms that can cause serious diseases. You’ll also find animal waste and human waste. In the places that you least expect it. This is usually because bathrooms and showers were no longer able to be used due to the sheer amount of junk in the home.

This is where an experienced cleaning team comes in. Professional crews that are trained to handle hoarder house cleanup have the tools, gear, and experience needed to handle even the toughest sites. They know how to handle the waste in ways that prevent it from contaminating other people or other surfaces. They know how to properly dispose of the waste according to state mandates. Improper handling of this type of waste can lead to disease spread outside of the confines of the home.

Hoarder house cleaning takes a lot of work and effort. It also takes experience in order to get it done properly. At the end of cleaning, you want to have a home that doesn’t just look good but that’s also deep down clean and sanitized. Give us a call if you have any questions about the entire process. We can answer any questions that you have.