Biohazards aren’t something to ignore, even if they’re not in plain sight. This is why professional cleanup of known or suspected biological hazards in Santa Paula, CA, is so important. The fact is there are many situations or circumstances that can result in the exposure to serious health risks of a biological nature. Even if there’s only a suspected risk of biohazard exposure, err on the side of caution and call on the Eco Bear team to restore your peace of mind.

Who We Are

We’re a top-rated biohazard cleaning company that serves clients in Santa Paula, CA, and nearby areas. Our team is well-trained and licensed and completely prepared to remove and dispose of an assortment of biological substances and materials. Choosing Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company as your preferred choice for 24/7 biohazard services also means you’ll benefit from: 

  • Honest, up-front pricing
  • Rates that are significantly lower, on average, than what our competitors charge
  • Personalized service
  • Attention to detail from the initial assessment to final evaluation of the affected area

What We Do as a Biohazard Cleaning Company in Santa Paula, CA

All services we offer are centered on the cleanup and mitigation of biohazards. We take on jobs of all sizes, from minor cleanings involving limited areas of contamination to more extensive tasks. Because there’s always the potential for exposure to dangerous pathogens, our cleaning team typically arrives with proper protective gear. This includes smocks or aprons, masks, and other protective accessories.

How Biohazards Are Defined and Rated

Any substance that’s biological in nature and likely to contain bloodborne pathogens is considered a biohazard. The CDC breaks down these substances into four levels based on the risks associated with the pathogens involved. At Eco Bear, we focus on situations where there’s a higher level of likely contamination. For instance, a crime scene in Santa Paula, CA, would likely contain higher-level biohazards.

Services We Offer in Santa Paula and Surrounding Areas

From a hoarder household that needs to be cleaned up to a homeless encampment shelter that needs to be restored back to its original state, there are many instances when our biohazard services can be beneficial. We meet the needs of our clients in Santa Paula, CA, and nearby areas by offering a broad range of biohazard cleaning services. Our specialties include: 

  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Suicide and unattended cleanings
  • Hoarder property cleanup
  • Homeless encampment cleaning services
  • Meth and fentanyl cleanup in Santa Paula, CA

When Blood Cleanup Requires Some Help From Eco Bear

A common reason to need to call on a trusted biohazard cleaning company in Santa Paula, CA, like Eco Bear is because of blood contamination. But if blood contamination is from an accident or a non-fatal injury, you may be wondering if there’s really need for professional cleaning assistance. In reality, there’s no way to tell what kind of bloodborne pathogens may be in blood, even if it’s from a source you know. Unless the blood in the affected area is very limited in volume, it’s best to play it safe and let our team do the cleaning.

How We Handle the Santa Paula, CA, Biohazard Cleanup Process

“Meticulous” is one word that can be used to describe our approach to biohazard cleaning in Santa Paula, CA. Our cleaning process can be broken down into four distinct, important, and ultimately beneficial steps.

Cleaning Up What’s Visible

Physical cleanup is what we do first when dealing with biohazard cleaning in Santa Paula, CA. This is when or seasoned cleaning pros remove contaminated physical items and materials from the affected area. We also look for contaminants on hard surfaces like floors, ceilings, and walls. State guidelines are followed during the removal and disposal process to ensure optimal safety.

Cleaning What Can’t Be Seen

After contaminated physical items are gone, dangerous pathogens can still be left behind. For this reason, what we do next is sanitize all affected surfaces. This is done to reduce the risk of exposure to any invisible bloodborne or biological pathogens that may still be present.

Removing All Traces of Foul Odors

It’s not unusual for an affected location in Santa Paula, CA, to have offensive or foul odors that stick around once the initial cleanup and sanitization is done. For example, there may be odors in carpeting and other fabrics in the home of a hoarder even after things are cleaned up. Cleaning products specifically designed to remove odors are used to refresh the affected site.

Giving You Back Your Peace of Mind

Lastly, we’ll take any other steps that may be necessary to restore the affected part of your Santa Paula, CA, home or business. You’ll also have a chance to review our work and give your approval of the job our team did for you.

Why We Clean With Compassion and Respect

Typically, situations involving potential or known biohazards in Santa Paula, CA, involve serious or traumatic circumstances. We realize this and can assure you that everyone on our team does their job with compassion and respect every step of the way. You’ll always know what we’re doing, why we’re taking the steps we’re taking, and how much everything will cost before we get started.

Put the Eco Bear Team to Work for You

Even if you only suspect exposure to biohazardous substances or surfaces containing pathogens, give the Eco Bear team a call. We’ll gladly give you an accurate, honest quote after evaluating the affected area. Regardless of what has you contacting us, our goal is to leave the location affected looking like it was intended to appear.

Contact us today to talk to one of our friendly staff members about biohazard cleaning services in Santa Paula, CA.

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