When people think of Seal Beach, California, they think of surfing amazing waves and shopping in cute little shops. Most of them are not thinking of crime scenes. And yet unfortunately crime does happen here sometimes. If you’re looking for help with crime scene cleaning in seal Beach, look for a company that can help you get through the process so that you can focus on other things.

Why are so many people unprepared for crime scene cleaning?

The most likely reason that people are unprepared for Crime scene cleaning is because they don’t think it’s something that they have to do themselves. They assume that Crime scene cleaning is done by the police. If it isn’t done by the police, it must be done by the crime scene investigators at no point during most crime television shows do we see the homeowners or the business owners having to clean up the crime scene. But the fact is that that’s very much the case. People who own the businesses or residences where a crime took place are responsible for cleaning up that crime scene.

This can be a very overwhelming concept for many people.

Why should people work with crime scene cleaners?

There are several reasons that people should work with crime scene cleaners. Some of those include the following.

  • Crime scene cleaning is very tough. It’s based on a specific type of science that’s intended to get rid of dangerous biohazardous and infectious waste left behind at a crime scene. Crime scene cleaners have the experience, tools, and know-how to handle this type of cleaning. The average person does not.
  • Crime scene cleaners are emotionally removed from the incident. Taking care of a crime scene can be a lot to handle. Someone who doesn’t have an emotional attachment to the scene is better able to deal with all of the nitty-gritty details that go into crime scene cleaning.
  • Crime scenes can be very difficult to experience up close. There’s a lot of organic matter left behind, including blood, body tissue, bodily fluids, and other types of matter that the average person is not used to seeing. Crime scene cleaners are used to seeing this type of waste, and will be able to handle not only cleaning it away but making sure that the space is safe for habitation afterwards.
  • Crime scene cleaners know how to protect themselves from the biohazardous and infectious waste located at crime scenes. When you don’t have the proper gear, you raise the risk of being contaminated.

What type of gear does a crime scene cleaner use when cleaning the crime scene?

Crime scene cleaners use PPE in order to deal with crime scene cleanup. They wear head-to-toe coveralls that help protect them from getting splashed from any of the waste on the scene. They wear shoe covers that help protect their feet as they move through the site. If they don’t wear shoe covers, they wear special boots that are resistant to liquids and spills. They wear respirators, face shields, and masks to help protect their eyes, noses, and mouths from being splashed with any type of waste. At crime scenes, there are sometimes sharp objects that could prick someone’s hands, causing infection or contamination. Crime scene cleaners wear special gloves that are puncture proof so that they can handle sharp items without getting hurt.

What types of trauma sites use crime scene cleaning?

The term “crime scene” cleaning is actually a bit of a misnomer. Crime scene cleaning can even take place at scenes where no one was actually hurt. Crime scene cleaning refers to removing biohazardous waste from the scene of a crime, accident, or other type of event that left behind waste.

Meth lab cleanup

Meth labs are filled with meth particles. These particles are notoriously difficult to clean up because the particles are so small. If they’re inhaled, they can cause serious lung and respiratory issues. Crime scene cleaners know how to rid a meth lab of every bit of meth so the air is clean for anyone who enters the room.

Unattended death

An unattended death is one where someone has died alone. When this happens, the body is often not discovered for quite some time. This results in a situation where decomp, vermin, pests, and other biohazardous waste have a chance to appear.


Crime scene cleaners cleanup locations where suicides have taken place. A suicide is not a crime, but it contains the same sort of biohazardous waste that your find at crime scenes like homicides or the site of a traumstic accident. This is the case whether it’s a violent suicide or nonviolent suicide. Violent suicides can look like homicides, while nonviolent suicides can take on the appearance of an unattended death. Crime scene cleaners will clean each site accordingly.

What kinds of tools are used at crime scene cleaning sites?

Crime scene cleaners arrived on the job with the tools that will help make the crime scene cleaning process most productive.

They bring along PPE, or personal protective equipment. This is gear that helps keep them safe while cleaning the site. This includes items like head-to-toe coveralls, puncture-proof gloves, face shields, respirators, and shoe covers.

The teams will also bring along biohazardous disposable containers. These containers are specially built to help ensure that any biohazardous waste collected from the site is stored safely inside and doesn’t spill out. This helps prevent cross contamination.

The team will bring OSHA-approved and EPA-approved cleaners and solvents to help them power through the scene with cleaning supplies that will not only render the space spotless but will also eliminate all dangerous pathogens from the site.

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