Searles Valley, California, is a relatively isolated area with a population of approximately 1,600 people. Its population has been declining since 2010. The town is well known for the nearby Trona Pinnacles that are a few kilometers to the South. Searles Valley is generally a calm metro area other than the frequent earthquakes that take place in the area. 

Demographically, the population of Searles Valley is relatively young. The average age of the residents is 38 years which is well below the nation’s average age. 

What Is Biohazard Waste?

Biohazard waste, also technically known as biomedical waste, is any waste contaminated with infectious substances such as bodily fluids. It would be essential to point out examples of biohazards as most of these substances are not far from our reach. Below is a summary of materials that become bio-hazardous waste when contaminated.

• Human blood and related substances

• Human body fluids such as saliva

• Laboratory wastes 

• Pathological wastes resulting from surgical procedures

• Sharp wastes such as broken glass, needles, pins and so forth

Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazardous waste is never far from us. Surprisingly, many people are not conversant with the dangers it poses to us and the environment. Biohazards have the potential of carrying human infectious pathogens. It would be best if they are cleaned up as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of infection.

Again, cleanup of biohazard waste could be potentially dangerous. You could catch infectious diseases such as HIV, MRSA hepatitis C, and hepatitis. Do not risk your life. Involve professionals like Eco Bear to do it safely for you. Our team of experts is specially trained to safely and effectively clean up surfaces, leaving them pathogen-free for your occupation. 

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scenes are traumatizing. Worse, the aftermath could equally be devastating. Whether crime took place at home or in your place of work, it is important to clean up substances that could potentially be harmful. Some of the contaminated substances left in crime scenes are:

• Vomit

• Body fluids

• Blood

• Sharp objects

The crime rate in Searles Valley is 39% lower than the national average. Even though the crime rate is not a frequent occurrence in your area, you need to be armed with vital information of next steps to take in the case of occurrence of this unfortunate event.

It is important to inform the law enforcement personnel in your area. Also, do not touch any substance from the crime scene. By touching substances, you could tamper with evidence or contract infections. Expect police to condone the area until they finish their investigations.

Who cleans up a crime scene? A common miss-conception is that law enforcement personnel is in charge of cleaning the crime scene. This is not the case. You are responsible for cleaning the crime scene after it has been released to you. However, if in Searles Valley, do not worry. At Eco Bear, we shall bear this burden on your behalf. 

Hoarding Clean up Services

Hoarding is a mental condition that makes a person cringe to possessions because of a perceived value attached to them. Some of these materials could be contaminated. Hoarding is potentially harmful to both the hoarder and the persons around them. 

How common is hoarding? You might not know this, but 4-5 per cent of the US population are hoarders of some sort. There is a possibility that if you are a resident of Searles Valley, you could be a hoarder, subconsciously, or know someone who is. 

Hoarding can be embarrassing. You need a discreet company that you can trust. Good news is that at Eco Bear, we have over years helped families or their loved ones with hoarding cleanup services. Trust us to professionally clean your premises and leave it safe from the threat of any biohazard.

Rodent Dropping Cleanup Services

Having pesky rats around your home? You are in danger. However, how cute and innocuous rats could look, their droppings are potentially harmful to humans. Droppings of rats or mice are at risk of containing diseases such as Hantavirus, rat-bite fever and Salmonellosis. You could be infected with such diseases if you touch or breath stirred up waste of these rodents. 

Rodents infestation can crop almost everywhere in America. If it happens in your premises and living in Searles Valley, California, do not freak. Partner with us at Eco Bear for rodent cleanup services. We have a specially-trained team that will professionally clean and decontaminate your premises. 

Unattended Death Services

The mention of death freaks most of us if not all. To that end, the death of a loved one is mentally and emotionally draining. Even worse, is the loss of a loved one when no one else is around. Amid these difficult times, come realities such as the need to clean the home of the deceased.

Why is cleanup necessary? As the body decomposes, pathogens are released to the scene. You do not want to clean such a surface if you do not have the necessary attire and training. 

At Eco Bear, we observe OSHA guidelines when performing cleanup involving body pathogens. Depending on the substances on the surfaces, our team shall carry out the necessary cleaning procedures leaving your premises pathogen-free. We understand that the scene of an unattended death is traumatizing. We wouldn’t like you to be bothered on such tasks that we can assist. 

Biohazard Cleaning Services Near Me

By now, you are aware of potential biohazards around you. Do not take your chances by leaving the waste unattended. The good thing is that there exist professional cleaning companies that you can call for assistance. If you are a resident of Searles Valley, California and the surrounding areas, contact us at Eco Bear for cleanup services of bio-hazardous waste that is bothering you.

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