There are a few moments more horrific in life than those spent in the wake of a violent crime. Whether you were a victim of a violent crime or linked to a person who was, walking into a room where violence was rendered can be almost unthinkable. Whether this tragedy resulted in a loss of live or violent trauma, problems will echo out from the situation like rings on the surface of a disturbed lake. The unfortunate truth is that violent crime begets a crime scene that needs to be taken care of, else the risk of further problems may arise.

While Southern California is home to some of the prettiest and most entertaining cities in the country, the reality of violent crime is always bubbling close to the surface. Whether you live in the heart of Los Angeles or near the beach of scenic San Diego, being in a major metropolitan area will increase your risk of being involved, in some facet, with violence. When this situation arises, after the police have done their work, you need to contact a reputable crime scene cleanup crew.

Why a Crime Scene Is Dangerous

Let us put ourselves into the shoes of someone who has just experienced or walked into the scene of a violent crime. While there are a wide array of common violent crimes, from murder to home invasions, they all have a related outcome: trauma and tragedy. Let’s say that we come home only to find that a loved one or someone that we know has been seriously injured during a home invasion. An ambulance will arrive to save your injured loved one while the police will perform an investigation in order to file their report. Once this flurry of activity is over, you are left alone with a room that has been turned upside down. There are broken things, blood splatters and potentially even worse manifestations of biohazards. At this point, you need only to clean up in order to move on with your life, right? Wrong.

Violent crime scenes are home to a wide array of deadly pathogens that, if handled improperly, can lead directly to disease, sickness, and even death. While we assume that death is a natural part of life, and it is, the impact that biological hazards can have on living organisms cannot be understated. There are typically three key biohazards that need to be accounted for by professional, certified crime scene cleanup crews. These biohazards are as follows:

1) Bodily Fluids (Blood, Semen, Saliva, Etc)

2) Sharp Objects (Weapons, Needles, Glass)

3) Other Bloodborne Pathogens

Unlike most trash or cleanup situations in your home, you cannot simply grab a sponge and begin tackling this issue. Unfortunately, biohazardous material can create very real problems for you, your loved ones and those around you. In these situations, you MUST lean on the services of a crime scene cleanup team.

Importance of Crime Scene Cleanup

When you fall victim to a tragic event, such as a violent and invasive crime, you can feel helpless and hopeless. While most people don’t anticipate ever having to deal with these situations, there is a preconceived notion that they will be assisted by authority figures. Unfortunately, unless the crime happened on public property, you’ll be forced to attend to the cleanup services yourself. Which is to say, you should call on a certified cleanup crew. What can a certified crime scene cleanup crew offer you?

A certified crime scene cleanup crew can be hired directly by looking at your local directory of businesses for information. However, all certified crime scene cleanup crews will attend to their business in the same way by following the same process:

1) Control The Area – The scene of the crime will be cordoned off and inhabitation will be impossible until the entire process is complete.

2) Biohazard Disposal – The crime scene cleanup technicians will arrive with their personal protective equipment. During this period of time, the clean-up process will begin. All biohazardous contaminants will be secured and disposed of in a safe, clean and effective manner that is congruent with state and federal guidelines.

3) Area Sanitization – Finally, the scene of the crime will be thoroughly sanitized and de-odorized, thus allowing inhabitants to return to the property.

Dealing with the aftermath of a violent crime is not easy, but that does not mean that you have to go at it alone. As you put together the pieces of your mental wellbeing, allow a team of certified crime scene technicians to make your home whole again. While tragedy can strike anyone, you can at least rest easy knowing that you will be prepared.

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