Biohazardous waste and materials pose significant threats to human health and life. When these viruses, toxins and germs enter our buildings and structures, all occupants are at risk.

The most common types of biohazards include blood, feces, vomit, wastewater, “sharps” such as dirty needles and bodily fluids. While you may have direct contact with many of these specimens and might not think much of it, the truth is that doing so poses a significant risk to your health.

There are many who are unaware of the harmful effects that biohazards can have on their health, and as such, aren’t privy to how best to handle situations involving biohazardous material.

For that reason, it is almost always recommended that you seek professional help when attempting to clean up a situation involving blood, feces and other infectious substances for the protection of both yourself and those around you.

Professional Care at Eco Bear

At Eco Bear, we pride ourselves in being a biohazard cleaning company in Spring Valley Lake, California that provides impeccable service to those in the area that experience troublesome and harrowing events that often yield the threat of contact with biohazardous materials.

Events that might require professional remedial services include:

  • Unattended Death Clean Up
  • Suicide Clean Up
  • Homicide Clean Up
  • Crime Scene Clean Up
  • COVID-19 Disinfection
  • Sewer Backup
  • Meth Lab Clean Up
  • Animal Waste Clean Up

The Effects of Biohazards

To neglect to take the proper precautions to protect oneself and others from biohazards by handling biohazardous materials in a haphazard way may open you up to danger, more than you know.

Diseases that include Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV can all be contracted through direct and indirect contact with biohazardous substances and waste. The result is often the acquisition of long-term illness with catastrophic consequences that could have been avoided by involving the right people at the right time.

Other infectious diseases that can be caused by direct or indirect contact with biohazards include C. Diff, Salmonella, E.Coli, Gastroenteritis, Cholera, Typhoid Fever and much more.

The Connection Between Biohazards and COVID-19

COVID-19 is an infectious disease that can be easily passed from person-to-person. This can happen by the contamination of surfaces, through water vapor and through close contact with infected people.

Though much of the research on COVID-19 is still being conducted, it is safe to say that contact with biohazardous materials can put you at risk for contracting this serious, and sometimes fatal, disease.

By hiring a biohazard cleaning company in Spring Valley Lake, California, you are taking a proactive approach towards eliminating germs and viruses before they attack the health of you and your loved ones.

By utilizing the right tools, equipment and medical-grade cleaning solutions, your local biohazard cleaning crew can eliminate dangerous viruses and pathogens, including COVID-19, for the safety and wellness of everyone involved.

If You Must Clean on Your Own…

While it is always recommended that professional help be acquired when dealing with these sorts of biohazardous elements, the truth is that people often wish to skip this step and handle issues on their own.

Whether it be for financial reasons, diminishing time or something else, many people have no problem cleaning up blood, feces or vomit, themselves.

Of course, in some situations, such as in the event that a small child has a toilet-related accident or has gotten sick, cleaning up a mess involving biohazardous waste might be feasible.

However, cleaning up after most people, including family members, and especially in circumstances where the biohazard is present in large amounts, will almost certainly require professional help.

In times when the situation might be small enough, and mild enough, to handle on your own, you must always protect yourself before coming into contact with bodily fluids, waste water, used needles, blood or biohazardous material of any sort.

Protective equipment often utilized to take on such tasks can include:

  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Shoe Coverings
  • Apron
  • Hair Covering
  • A Mask Appropriate For the Situation

Make Eco Bear Your Go-To For Biohazardous Events

As an IIRC-certified company that offers 24-hour servicing, we at Eco Bear have the trained professionals needed to meet your needs. Our knowledgeable staff can assist in the removal, cleaning and sanitation of biohazardous material and waste to render affected structures safe and habitable again.

Whether it be for sewage backup, an unattended death, suicide, crime scene, COVID-19 cleanup or another perilous event, you can trust us to handle your specific situation skillfully and with dignity.

Contact us at Eco Bear, today.

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