With a population of about 40,000, Stanton is known for its quality school system, varied recreational options, and a crime rate that is generally lower than the rate of many other Orange County cities and across the state more generally. In the last two years for which a full set of statistics have been calculated (2015 and 2016), there were no homicides in Stanton. There have been 10 homicides in Stanton over the course of the past decade.

A Murder in Stanton

Crime statistics for 2017 are not yet officially released. However, there was one murder in Stanton during that year, which occurred on the Stanton side of the city’s border with Anaheim.

The fatal shooting occurred at the intersection of Dale Avenue and West Ball Road in Stanton in the middle of the afternoon. After being shot, the victim ran across the street into Anaheim.

When the police and emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene, they performed CPR on the victim. That proved ineffective and the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators were unsure if the suspect was on foot or in a car at the time of the shooting. Law enforcement has released little information about the investigation.

Rape in Stanton

In 2015 and 2016 there were 14 rapes in Stanton. A majority of rapes occurred in the victim’s residence. The rapes that occurred in a residence in Stanton oftentimes were the result of a home invasion.

Assaults in Stanton

In 2015 there were 78 assaults and in 2016 there were 61 assaults in Stanton. As is the case with rape cases in Stanton, a significant percentage of assaults occur in a victim’s home.

Rates of Other Types of Crimes in Stanton

In addition to having a relatively lower violent crime rate in Stanton, the city also has a relatively low rate of other types of crimes as well. These statistics are drawn from 2016, the last year a full set of crime rate statistics have been compiled.

  • Robberies – 56
  • Burglaries – 120
  • Thefts – 469
  • Auto thefts – 145
  • Arson – 6

Violent Crimes in Stanton Homes or Businesses

When a violent crime like murder, rape, or assault occurs in a residence or business in Stanton, the police declare the property a crime scene. If a murder occurred, the Orange County Coroner also undertakes an investigation at the scene.

Once the investigation is concluded, the authorities turn possession of the home or business back over to the owner. At this juncture, crime scene cleanup can occur.

A common misconception is that law enforcement or the coroner undertake crime scene cleanup. They do not. Crime scene cleanup in Stanton is the responsibility of the owner of the property where the murder or other violent crime took place.

When it comes to crime scene cleanup in Stanton, care must be taken to avoid exposure to dangerous bloodborne pathogens that can be present at the scene. Crime scene cleanup is best undertaken by a professional biohazard remediator. A professional crime scene cleanup specialist has the background, equipment, tools, and supplies necessary to safely and thoroughly undertake biohazard remediation.

Stanton Police Department

The Stanton Police Department technically is a substation of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The department is located at:

Stanton Police Services
11100 Cedar Street
Stanton, California 90680

Mental Health Services for Victims of Crime in Stanton

Being the victim of a crime can have serious emotional consequences. There are mental healthcare professionals in Stanton that provide counseling and therapeutic services to victims of violent crime. These professionals include:

Dr. Roland Kim
3550 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1106
Los Angeles, California 90010
(213) 238-6995

When it comes to available mental health services for crime victims in Stanton, both one on one counseling or therapy as well as group therapy are available. These include specialized services and resources for victims of rape and other types of sexual assault.

There are also specialized counseling resources for Stanton residents who are trying to deal with the grief of losing a loved one by homicide. As is the case for other types of crime victims, this included individual and group therapy.

In some instances, victims of crimes in Stanton end up with more severe cases of depression or anxiety. These individuals require medication to assist in addressing the symptoms. These therapists can make referrals to psychiatrists when medication is needed to treat a victim of crime who has been left with a more significant diagnosis of depression, anxiety, or other condition.