Hoarding disorder affects 2% to 6% of adults around the world. It’s characterized by three primary symptoms:

  • Compulsive acquisition of more items
  • Inability to get rid of belongings
  • Intense distress when attempting to get rid of items

For most people with hoarding disorder, symptoms develop during their childhood or teenage years, but they’re manageable. The symptoms intensify during the adult years and reach their peak by middle age. When a person with hoarding disorder is in their 40s to 60s, their home is typically full of items. The full home leads to unsanitary and unsafe conditions. It can also lead to a barrage of complaints from neighbors, family and city code enforcement officers. Eco Bear is a trusted provider of hoarder property cleaning services in Stanton, CA. We have the necessary skills, training and experience to clean and remediate any type of hoarded property.

How Hoarding Disorder Impacts Your Life

Years of hoarding behavior can have serious impacts on your entire life. Some of the ways hoarding impacts your everyday life include:

  • Difficulty moving through your home
  • Inability to use rooms for their intended purposes
  • Difficulty finding what you need
  • Pest infestations that trigger allergies or asthma
  • Loss of important relationships
  • Anger from neighbors
  • Threats of eviction, fines or jail time from code enforcement officers
  • Possible removal of children by Child Protective Services
  • Removal of elderly household members by Adult Protective Services
  • Removal of pets by Humane Society or animal welfare agents

Hoarding doesn’t only impact your life. If anyone else lives with you, their life will also be impacted. Kids who live in a hoarded home may be unable to have their friends over to play. Concentrating on homework can be a challenge in a hoarded environment. If you have an elderly family member in your home, the hoard puts them at risk of falling or experiencing other injuries. The inability to entertain people in your home could result in lost friendships and strained family relationships. When the hoard spills into your yard or attracts pests, your neighbors may file complaints about your property. That’s because the hoard will affect their health, safety and property values.

What Hoarding Disorder Does to Your Home

Years of compulsive acquiring of more items and not throwing rotted, broken or ruined items away has serious consequences on your home. The piles of items may make it difficult for you to move from room to room. Those unstable piles could fall and injure you or your household members, pets or guests. Hoards that include food, human waste or animal waste attract pests, which leads to structural damage and a risk of disease. 

If the hoard blocks access to one or more doors, emergency medical technicians and firefighters might not be able to get inside and help you if there’s an emergency. You might not be able to get out in time if there’s a fire. The piles of items act as a tinder box, and a fire would quickly spread through the hoarded property.

Hoarded properties are difficult or impossible to maintain and repair. The piles block access to plumbing fixtures. If there’s a leak, you might not notice until there’s severe mold and structural damage. Stacks of belongings also block access to broken appliances, heating and cooling systems and other parts of your home that need maintenance.

Some hoards can be so large and heavy that they weaken the home’s sub-structure. Sub-floors may warp and bend under the weight of the hoard. Joists may bend or even break, especially if there’s water or pest damage.

Why Hoarded Properties in Stanton Need Professional Cleaning

The weight and bulk of a hoard make it impossible for a person to deal with on their own. Your home didn’t become hoarded in a week or two, and you can’t clear it without help. Many hoards contain hazards, including mice, rats, spiders, mold, rotted food, feces, dead animals and broken glass. Eco Bear’s skilled cleaners wear personal protective equipment to safely deal with all of these hazards. Our crew is efficient and can completely clear a hoarded property in a matter of days. Some reasons why professional hoarder property cleaning in Stanton is necessary:

  • You’re in poor health and need a clean, safe home
  • Possible eviction
  • Potential removal of a child or senior family member
  • Hazardous items in the hoard
  • Your partner or spouse is threatening to leave because of the hoard

Who Benefits From Eco Bear’s Hoarder Property Cleaning in Stanton

We’re here to help anyone with hoarding disorder. When you want to live in a clean, sanitary, comfortable and fully-functional home, we’ll make it happen. We work with individuals, couples and families. We also help people who:

  • Own or manage a rental property where a tenant hoarded
  • Inherited a hoarded property from a deceased family member
  • Received a hoarded home in a divorce settlement
  • Are in treatment for hoarding disorder and need help clearing their property
  • Want to sell their home

Why Eco Bear Is the Right Choice for Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

We’re a women- and veteran-led company. Each cleaner on our team is fully trained, certified and experienced with hoarder property cleaning. We don’t judge, and we always treat our clients with compassion and respect. We complete most hoarder property clean-outs within a few days of getting started. Our competitive prices and thorough work make us the trusted hoarder property cleaning company in Stanton.