Hoarding disorder is a chronic, persistent difficulty in parting with objects. Even if those objects are broken, obsolete or contaminated, a person with hoarding disorder is unable to remove them from their home. The hoarding behavior often causes problems with the person’s relationships, especially if they live with others. Hoarding can also interfere with a person’s ability to cook in their kitchen, bathe in the bathroom or have repair technicians enter the home and fix broken appliances. After years of acquiring more items and not discarding belongings, a home becomes full. At Eco Bear, we’re specialists in hoarder property cleaning in Torrance, CA. Our skilled cleaning team offers affordable, thorough and professional cleaning services that you can count on for any size or type of hoarded property.

What Hoarding Disorder Looks Like

Hoarding disorder is different in each person. In one person, it may result from compulsive shopping or collecting of unique items. In someone else, their behavior might involve collecting free items. Some hoarding behaviors involve collecting pets. Some of the most commonly hoarded items are books, newspapers and magazines, household supplies, food, clothing, project and craft supplies, photographs, bags and boxes. A hoard doesn’t happen overnight. For most people with hoarding disorder, the accumulation is slow, taking place over years of acquiring more items and not discarding what they already had. If you or your loved one has hoarding disorder, you may have several of these behaviors or symptoms:

  • Difficulty deciding what to throw away
  • Anxiety related to discarding possessions
  • Inability to organize or sort belongings
  • Indecision about where to put things
  • Distress, fear or overwhelm about all the items
  • Obsession or fear of accidentally discarding an item you want
  • Fear of running out or not having enough
  • Lack of access to kitchen, bathroom, front or back door or stairs
  • Anger from family members or neighbors
  • Feelings of embarrassment leading to social isolation

Who Is Affected by Hoarding Disorder

Anyone can develop hoarding disorder. Mental health experts estimate that 2% to 5% of Americans have this condition. Chances are good that you know more than one person who is a hoarder, but you might not realize they have this disorder. Many people with hoarding disorder are good at covering up their living conditions until the situation is dire. Hoarding disorder usually gets worse with age. A traumatic experience, serious illness, injury or disability can exacerbate hoarding behaviors. Hoarding disorder can occur on its own. However, it’s often associated with other mental health disorders, such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Hoarding disorder may also run in families. When you have hoarding disorder, it also affects your family members, friends and neighbors. Children of hoarders may not be able to invite friends to play. Neighbors of hoarders may have to deal with the pests and vermin attracted to the hoard and the view of items piled up on the hoarded property. We help people who:

  • Are physically unable to clear their property
  • Don’t know where to begin
  • Inherited a hoarded property
  • Need to sell their home
  • Are returning home after an illness or injury and need a safe environment
  • Own a hoarded rental unit

Why Professional Hoarder Property Cleaning Is a Smart Choice

Dealing with a hoarded property in Torrance is a big job, and one person can’t do it alone. The amount of items makes it impossible for a person to sort through it and properly dispose of it themselves. At Eco Bear, we have a team of skilled cleaning professionals who specialize in hoarder property cleaning. We’re licensed in California for full remediation of hoarded properties. We have the proper personal protective equipment to handle unsafe and unsanitary conditions. 

How Eco Bear’s Hoarder Property Cleaning Services Work

When you contact us about your hoarded property in Torrance, we schedule a time for a site visit. We inspect the entire home as well as any buildings on the property that are hoarded. If the outdoor property is also hoarded, we survey it in order to know what types and amounts of items are in the hoard.

The next step of our services is creating an action plan. Based on what’s in the hoard and the hoard’s volume, we schedule the delivery of dumpsters for hauling away trash. We also arrange for biological or medical waste bins, recycling, pest removal and structural inspections if needed. 

Our team works as efficiently as possible to clear the hoarded property. We set aside salvageable items upon your request. We store them during the cleanup, clean the items and return them to the cleared property. Most hoarder properties require several days for the cleanup process. A very large hoarded home with one or more detached garages or barns or outdoor hoarded items may require up to one week. 

Benefits of Our Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

There are many benefits of having our Eco Bear cleaning professionals remediate a hoarded property in Torrance. When we clean your hoarded property, we provide you with:

  • Safe access to all areas of your home
  • Space for plumbers, roofers, electricians and repair technicians to fix damage
  • Access to all doors and stairs
  • Room for emergency medical technicians to enter your home if needed
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the home
  • Compliance with Torrance building and health codes

At Eco Bear, we treat each client with compassion and respect. We understand that having your hoarded property cleared can be stressful, and we ensure that the process goes as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Your safety and the safety of our cleaning team is our top priority, and we guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with our hoarder property cleaning company’s services.