Recently, life in and around Tucson, Arizona changed dramatically as the widespread pandemic of COVID-19 infection cases spread around the globe. This virus is considered a new breed of virus infection that seems highly contagious making the efforts to slow or stop the spread of this killer disease much more difficult.

The Eco Bear Tucson COVID-19 Cleaning Company at (818) 358-4359 now provides professional COVID-19 disinfection services in Tucson, Arizona.

Who Is Susceptible to Contracting COVID-19?

COVID-19 appears to afflict the elderly and those with serious underlying health conditions, but the virus does also impact younger adults and children as well. Here in the Tucson region, people forced into quarantine, months of isolation, social distancing rules and wearing masks has led many citizens to disregard state and federal health control mandates in an effort to get their lives back to a more normal status. However, this practice of letting guards down is already proving to increase the number of cases in an area at a rapid pace.

About Eco Bear Tucson COVID-19 Disinfection Services

As a family-owned and operated cleaning company, Eco Bear is happy to assist businesses, private residents, learning institutes, landlords, apartment managers, churches, fitness centers and more with all of your specific COVID-19 disinfection & cleaning service needs. Since we are an independent infectious disease remediation company, we can provide custom disinfection and remediation services designed to precisely match your business or other entity site unique requirements exactly.

All of our highly-trained and qualified infectious disease remediation specialists are fully insured and bonded for customer peace-of-mind. We are proud to assure prospective clients that we have the latest cutting-edge technologies and the best and most effective cleaning/disinfecting equipment and supplies available for use in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 virus.

Different Types of Settings We Treat for COVID-19 Remediation

Like most contagious viruses, COVID-19 can be found wherever infected humans or surfaces touched by infected humans are present. The latest news about this novel new virus suggests that the virus may remain on surfaces for a longer period of time than originally thought.

What this means is that all environments that may harbor COVID-19 should be regularly and properly decontaminated and disinfected by an experienced team of COVID-19 disinfection specialists familiar with performing this type of dangerous work.

Some settings Eco Bear can treat include:

  • Stores, Shops or Boutiques,
  • Night Clubs, Bars & Taverns
  • Restaurants & Other Dining Venues
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Industrial Settings like Factories & Warehouses
  • All Sorts of Lodging Spots – Hotels, Motels, B&Bs, Inns, Resorts
  • Nursing Home Facilities & Senior Community Buildings
  • Fitness. Sports Facilities, Locker Rooms & Rehabilitation Centers
  • Skilled Care Facilities or Assisted Living Environments
  • Transportation Vehicles – Buses, Trucks, Vans, Cars etc.
  • Residential Properties
  • Realty Agencies & For Sale Homes, Condos, Apartments, Townhomes or Cottages
  • Rental Properties
  • Many More

Along with all of these different environments, Eco Bear is ready to disinfect/clean surfaces and spaces in many other properties as well.

Eco Bear Delivers Fast, Effective & Affordable Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

Top infectious disease experts caution that COVID-19 is not going anywhere in the near future if ever. Communities across the world and at home here in Tucson, AZ, must prepare to live with the challenges that COVID-19 brings. Any setting that allows people should be considered potentially contaminated.

The proper protective gear, like masks, and reliable and proven successful cleaning and disinfecting services are key to preventing, or at least slowing, the spread of this potentially deadly pathogen.

What Surfaces Can COVID-19 Live on for Any Length of Time?

COVID-19 can be spread by airborne droplets, and this is why wearing masks and keeping socially distant helps to protect against contamination. Common surfaces used by more than one person should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a regular and frequent basis.

Pay special cleaning/disinfecting attention to:

  • Multiple Use Phones. Computers & Other Devices
  • Any Place that Hands Touch – Shopping Cart Handles, Doorknobs, Elevator Buttons etc.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops, Faucets, Sinks, Toilets etc.
  • Light Switches
  • Food Display Surfaces – Plastic Guards Produce
  • Steering Wheels on Work or Shared Vehicles & Other Knobs

How Eco Bear COVID-19 Disinfecting Services Work

Eco Bear Tucson, AZ COVID-19 Disinfecting/Cleaning Remediation services promise top-of-the-line cleaning service, outstanding customer service from our friendly and knowledgeable team and competitive prices that are often lower than most competitors.

In addition, Eco Bear also has an on-call rapid response team that can be dispatched quickly every day of the year and round-the-clock. Don’t risk your safety or other people’s health, contact us at Eco Bear Tucson, Arizona for comprehensive COVID-19 disinfection services today.