The moment that most people discover that crime scene cleanup is something that they have to deal with is when they’re involved or connected to a crime that took place on their property. Crime scene cleanup is an umbrella term that covers all types of cleanup that needs to be done in order to make sure that crime scenes and other types of trauma scenes are returned to their original use and condition after a traumatic incident.

Many people aren’t aware that they are responsible for crime scene cleanup simply because they own a property where a crime took place. They assume that crime scene cleanup is handled by the authorities, but it’s not. Once people get over that emotional hurdle, they sometimes assume that they can handle the cleanup themselves. They may be thinking about costs, and they may simply want to get it done quickly. This is another type of flawed reasoning that could lead to long-term ramifications.

Why should you work with a crime scene cleaning company?

Crime scene cleanup is the type of cleaning that needs to be handled by professionals. Some people think choosing a crime scene cleaner is simply a choice the way that it’s a choice to hire a cleaning company to clean their offices or homes, but it’s entirely different. Commercial or residential cleaning is simply a convenience. It’s something that you pay someone to do when you don’t want to do it yourself. You know that those cleaning companies will go in and do a good job, and you’re willing to pay for the service. However, you’re also aware that you could do the cleaning just as well if you had to. 

Crime scene cleaning is completely different. With crime scene cleaning, there is a technical and scientific nature to the cleanup that needs to be handled by pros if it’s going to be done right.

When a crime scene cleaning company goes in to clean up a crime scene or trauma scene, they’re getting rid of the biohazardous and infectious waste that is most likely located at the site. Crime and trauma scenes have loads of biohazardous waste. Biohazardous and infectious waste is waste that contains pathogens. Pathogens are the virus, bacteria, and other microorganisms that cause diseases in humans. 

When a crime happens, many of these pathogens are spread out all over the crime site. If that waste is not properly cleaned up and disposed of, the pathogens will remain in the room, possibly infecting anyone who enters. You getting down on the floor with a container of Mr. Clean, a bucket, and a sponge is not going to work. Crime scene cleaning pros are going to be able to get rid of every type of waste at the site so that it can be brought to hospital levels of sanitization. 

Another reason that it makes sense to work with a crime scene cleaning company vs. handling crime scene cleanup yourself is because of the emotional toll the cleaning could take on you. It’s extremely hard to have to deal with the aftermath of a crime. Many people underestimate just how difficult it will be to walk into a room that still has evidence of the trauma that took place there. Having to clean that evidence is something that most people are unable to do. 

This is where we come in. We have the experience, technical knowledge, and compassion to come in and clean the space so that it’s not only safe to live in but also restored to a condition that you can handle mentally. This will give you an opportunity to focus on other, critical aspects of moving past a crime. The crime scene cleaning company will handle the practical side.

Do crime scene cleaning companies handle crime scenes only handle crime scenes?

Not at all. Many crime scene cleaning companies are asked to clean scenes that aren’t crime scenes at all. These types of places could include job sites where an accident has taken place. They include meth labs that need cleaning or the site of an unattended death where someone has passed away but no one knew.

What types of biohazardous waste are found at crime scenes?

There are many types of biohazardous waste found at crime scenes. Some of that waste includes blood, brain matter, body fluids, decomp, cloths or rags that have biological matter on them, etc. All of this waste needs to be carefully collected, put into special containers, and sealed. It’s then transported to a medical waste facility where it will be destroyed.

Crime scene cleanup companies know all of the rules protocols involved in removing biohazardous waste from a site and disposing of it properly. They have the tools, equipment, cleaners, and gear needed to get the job done properly and safely.

How important is disinfecting a site?

Disinfecting the crime scene site is extremely important. In fact, it’s probably the most important aspect of biohazardous waste cleaning. Once the site has been cleared of waste and washed down, it will need to be disinfected. The disinfectant will kill any remaining pathogens so that the space will be able to be lived in or worked in again. We’ll do special tests to make sure that the room is actually pathogen-free. The goal is to return the space to hospital levels of sanitization. 

Crime scene clean-up is hard for everyone. It’s not something that most people have to deal with more than once in their lifetime. If you’re looking into crime scene cleaning in Tustin and you’re unclear as to what your next step should be, give us a call so that we can help you move forward.