Hoarding disorder involves the excessive saving and accumulating of things that most other people would see as worthless. People with hoarding disorder have an ongoing difficulty with getting rid of their belongings, even if those things are broken or damaged. The accumulation disrupts the person’s ability to use their living spaces for their intended purposes. If you or your family member in Tustin, CA, has hoarding disorder, you’re not alone. An estimated 2% to 6% of people have hoarding disorder. Eco Bear is ready to help you clean your hoarded property so that you can live in a clean, safe and comfortable environment.

What Hoarding Disorder Is

Hoarding disorder isn’t the same as collecting. A collector looks for very specific things, such as a rare baseball card or ebony crochet hook. They display or organize their collection and take pride in it. Collectors look forward to the opportunity to show their collections to others. In contrast, people with hoarding disorder save and acquire random items. They store them in a haphazard way. Some people with hoarding disorder save sentimental items, trash or even hoard pets. 

Who Has Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding disorder is more common in older adults. Men and women are equally affected by hoarding disorder. The disorder tends to run in families. Many people with hoarding disorder have a history of loss or trauma. The death of a spouse or child, an abusive relationship or difficulty coping with stress increases the risk of hoarding disorder. As many as 75% of people with hoarding disorder have another mental health disorder. This makes treating hoarding disorder more complicated. Anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression are some of the most common co-occurring conditions in people with hoarding disorder.

Consequences of Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding disorder causes lasting and serious consequences for you, your family and your home. Your relationships may suffer. If you live with a partner or spouse, they may be frustrated by the living conditions. Children may be angry about the condition of the home. They might not be able to do normal things, such as having a sleepover or a birthday party. Hoarding can lead to serious safety problems. Stacks of items can topple. You could trip and fall over items. Items may block outlets, causing a fire hazard. Items blocking doors could impede your ability to get out if you have a medical emergency or if there’s a fire in your home. 

Family strain can occur as a result of hoarding. You might not be able to host visitors, which also impacts your friendships. Performing daily tasks grows increasingly difficult in a hoarded home. If your sink, shower or stairs are blocked, you may not be able to perform self-care or household chores. Cooking, bathing or doing laundry could be nearly impossible.

Why Hoarded Properties in Tustin Need Professional Cleaning

The accumulation of hoarded items in a home and on a property may trigger health and building code violations. You might be ordered to clean the property or face fines or jail time. Your neighbors or family members may become angry and complain about the severity of the conditions. You may even decide for yourself that you’d like a cleaner and more comfortable home. It’s also possible that you inherited a hoarded property or that your tenant created hoarding conditions in your rental property. Our skilled cleaners at Eco Bear are ready to clean your hoarded property in Tustin.

The volume of items in a hoard means that it’s impossible to clear it out on your own in a short amount of time. You may not be able to physically deal with the hoard on your own. We make quick work of clearing large hoards. Our professional cleaners wear personal protective equipment to safely handle biological or medical waste, rotted food, moldy items or hoards contaminated by pests.

We also have the knowledge to properly dispose of hazardous items in a hoard. Human waste, biological waste and household chemicals can’t just go into the regular trash. We’ll also coordinate with local recycling centers when removing large amounts of metal or other recyclable materials from your hoarded property.

How Eco Bear’s Hoarder Property Cleaning Process Works

We offer a three-step process for cleaning hoarded properties in Tustin. We begin with a site visit to check out the home and property. We need to know the approximate size, weight and volume of the hoard so that we bring the right number of cleaners and the correct amount of equipment and supplies.

We also assess what’s in the hoard. If there are animals in the hoard, we’ll work with the Humane Society or animal control agents and veterinarians to safely remove them and assess their health. If pests are present in the hoard, we’ll work with the pest control provider of your choice.

The next step is the cleanup. We remove all hoarded items. If there’s something lost in the hoard, such as a photo album or necklace you want to keep, just let us know. You’re welcome to be onsite while we clean, but we suggest you take the time to do something for yourself. We’ll provide you with consistent communication for the duration of the cleanup.

The final step of our Eco Bear hoarder property cleaning services in Tustin is restoration of your home. We remove contaminated materials, clean and sanitize and make sure all debris is off your property.

Reasons To Choose Eco Bear for Tustin Hoarder Property Cleaning

Eco Bear is a women- and veteran-led company. We’re licensed and bonded for complete hoarder property cleaning in California. Our rapid response time, compassion and attention to detail make us the right choice for cleaning any type of hoarded property in Tustin.