Homelessness is a pervasive problem in our society today, taking a huge toll on both people and the areas they live on. The variety of reasons for homelessness make it a complicated social issue for governments to address. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 45% of homeless people have a mental illness, and of those, 14% suffer from a severe mental illness. 

Human displacement and housing insecurity create hazardous environments for communities. A homeless encampment – sometimes referred to as a “tent city” – brings with it all the dangerous objects, materials, and diseases that often accompany it. Human waste, animal carcasses, and massive amounts of trash create a living condition that is dangerous for both the homeless people who live there and the passersby who come into contact with these scenes.

Homeless Encampment Cleanup Overview

Eco Bear addresses the twofold problem of cleanup and compassionately communicating with the people who must again move on from these areas. We work with state and local governments to ensure that each encampment is cleaned, sanitized, and restored to its pre-encampment condition, but we also fairly and compassionately deal with the homeless people who receive notice that they must leave. We never shame anyone who might attempt to stay in these areas, and of course, we contact appropriate authorities if those people need help.

Governments face a difficult number of decisions when dealing with homeless encampments because the people there often have nowhere to move onto. Still, it is far more dangerous to leave a homeless encampment intact and let its environmental hazards and infectious diseases remain for the general populace to cope with. Eco Bear does our best in every individual situation to do what’s best for the general good, and homeless encampment cleanup is a necessary function of modern society in Tustin. 

Local governments cannot ignore these areas to the detriment of citizens. To leave a homeless encampment intact after it’s moved into the stage where it’s an environmental hazard is to do a disservice to both the homeless people living in those dangerous situations and the community that might be harmed by coming into contact with the encampment. Children and other vulnerable citizens are especially in need of encampment cleanup in Tustin.

Protective Gear for Cleanup

All of our workers have personal protective equipment (PPE) to use during every cleanup. Every job varies, but homeless encampments typically require a higher level of protective gear due to the fact that human diseases often permeate throughout these camps. Consider for example that many homeless encampments contain:

  • Months or even years of trash
  • Rotting food
  • Blood soaked clothing or items
  • Human feces
  • Animal carcusses

Reading over this list should give you a good idea as to why it’s so essential for Eco Bear to send workers into this environment with the latest in modern personal protective equipment.

Eco Bear Cleanup Process

We have a lot of experience in homeless encampment cleanup, so it’s natural that we have developed a tried and true process to handle these delicate situations. Our initial operation is centered on clearing general trash from the area. Homeless encampments around the state amass tons of trash every year. Once we have our cleanup strategy, we get to work on clearing this trash, carefully surmising if there are any biohazards among the trash.

Sadly, there often is. Due to heavy use of drugs by many mentally ill and rightfully depressed homeless people, it’s normal to find biohazards like used drug needles at these scenes. This is one of the primary reasons that we always ensure to keep the general public away from our cleanup sites, as they are rife with danger. Our operation safely separates what we do from the world passing by, and we follow all rules and regulations to safely dispose of biohazards at encampments.

Once we’ve cleared trash, we begin to scrub and sanitize the area and any physical buildings or everyday objects that come into contact with the encampment’s many hazardous materials. Sidewalks, building walls, and physical objects that were a part of the encampment are carefully cleaned and sanitized until they are sanitary again.

Finally, we work to restore the beauty of the area that once served as a homeless encampment in Tustin. This might include restoring order to the things that were around the encampment before it was an encampment, or beautifying sidewalks and other landmarks to their original state. It’s our goal to make sure that no one passing by the former encampment would ever recognize it for what it was. We want you to only see what it was before it became the scenery for human tragedy. 

Call Eco Bear

Eco Bear has years of experience cleaning up homeless encampments. We proudly serve the Tustin California area with hospitality, expertise, and a mind for the safety of our fellow humans. We all wish that homelessness didn’t exist and that everyone had a safe place to be. Unfortunately, the human world doesn’t work that way right now, and there is a need for services like homeless encampment cleanup in Tustin. We invite you to call on us if you need this invaluable service. Our experts are always standing by ready to take on the next tough job. Call us when you need us.